The Amazing Molecules that Support Life

In every cell in your body you have mitochondria, which are the power houses of your cellsand produce the energy known as ATP, to drive your cells biochemical reactions. Each cellcontains hundreds of mitochondria and certain parts of the body such as the heart and livercontain thousands of mitochondria because they are high energy demanding … Read more

What is pandemic fatigue and how can you grow through it? by World Council For Health

Pandemic fatigue is not an illness, it’s an opportunity to grow  Even if you’ve never heard the phrase pandemic fatigue you likely know exactly what it means. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a worldwide pandemic on March 11, 2020, and, despite early assurances that it would be under control in a matter of weeks, 18 months … Read more

There is hope for Long Covid patients

10 to 20 percent of all Covid-19 patients develop Long Covid and suffer for monthsafter the acute phase. A new type of substance can help prevent this. On 13 January 2020, Jan Kling called the office to say that he would not be coming to work today. The 60-year-old Dutchman, physically fit and with no … Read more

MyCell Technology®

This is the ability to convert oil soluble substances into water soluble substances thereby increasing absorption by 100% Stabilised Mycell technology increase Bioavailability (absorption) Protection (bio-efficiency) Cellular uptake Excretion (bio-efficacy) The body has a mechanism to deal with oils entering the body that is the production of ‘mycells’.  They dart in and get hold of … Read more

5 Pillars of Life

Food Water Air Avoidance of radiation Mental attitude Isn’t it true that chronic health disease is increasing and stress related illness is rife?  So much more than 40 years ago and yet we have state of the art medicine!  This is partly due to the non-absorption of nutrients from vitamin and mineral products, and partly … Read more

Wearable Neuro-tech

Are you, or anyone you know, suffering from pain and mobility problems? Are you unstable on your feet or do you need more energy? Well, Voxxlife has the answer for you. Jay Dhaliwal as a young boy started looking for something that may help his Mum who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and after many, … Read more

Tropic Skincare & Make-up

You may well have seen emails from me about Tropic orders going in etc but many of you may not have even heard or tried any of the skin care range. The reason I started selling Tropic is because it is completely free of any toxic chemicals, its natural and cruelty free. It fits in … Read more

Tips for Healthy Sleep

Some great tips for healthy sleep from Volodymyr Ulitovskyy, MBA, CPA Healthy sleep habits will extend your lifespan by 10 years or more. HOW? . . Every day when you wake up without healthy sleep, your body is swimming in the toxic mix of stress hormones (cortisol) and inflammation. Your body & brain are both … Read more


We have missed our clients, missed helping you all improve your health and wellbeing. So we are very pleased to tell you that The Wyndham Centre has reopened it’s doors …. albeit with restrictions in place. LONDON The Fleet Street clinic is open for Physiotherapy treatment as normal and Zoom consultations. To decrease risks in … Read more

Foods That Help The Liver

I talk a lot about the liver because it is a very important organ in the body. It helps to keep us ‘clean’ by clearing all the toxins that come our way and in this day and age there are a lot of toxins. Do you feel sluggish or even exhausted during the day? Are … Read more

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