The Ski Season Is Upon Us

The snow has arrived, Allez Allez! The ski season is looking better than ever. February half term is right around the corner, have you done any ski preparation? Ooops, do not fear, start today it’s never too late. Look below at these four simple exercises to keep those knee injuries at bay. Statistically most ski … Read more


<tableborder=”0”width=”100%”> Is standing at your desk going to solve the rising rates of heart disease, obesity and diabetes? Will standing burn excess adipose tissue? Do we all need to rush out and buy the new glossy ergonomic electric standing desk? Should we all be standing? Yes there are a large number of studies which have … Read more

Adolescent Knee Pain

It is a minefield out there with many different knee pain diagnosis existing. Trying to determine the fact from the fiction can be a challenging task especially when moody ‘Arabella’ comes home from hockey and music practice with grumbly one worded grunts of knee pain everywhere and life is so unfair! Working out what is … Read more

Tennis Elbow

Tennis is a great game to watch and even better to play. Whether you are a serious player or someone who just likes to have a knock around more socially, it can lead to problems that if not caught early, can lead to significant lay off through injury. Here, we will outline a couple of … Read more


Most people suffer from back pain or sciatica at least once in their lives. It is a very common problem but it doesn’t have to be serious. Your spine is one of the strongest parts of your body. It is made of solid bony blocks (vertebrae) separated by discs (a bit like a jam doughnut … Read more

The Importance of Stretching

For specific stretches please give us a call to make an appointment with one of our chartered physiotherapists – Fleet Street 020 7404 0023 or Baldock 01462 893586. General Stretches: The benefits of stretching include reduced muscle soreness after exercising and even better performance. Do not bounce – it risks pulling or tearing the muscle … Read more

Look after your back – Keep fit for Work!

Your painful back, neck or shoulders could be because of the way you sit or the amount of time you sit in one position. Problems can start either at home or work, so, GET FIT TO SIT! Your body is designed for a much more active lifestyle. Keeping parts of the body still for too … Read more

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is common and can be brought on by the repetitive tasks or postures to which we regularly expose our bodies. Pain is frequently felt in the upper outer arm as well as around the shoulder joint. The shoulder structures may be the source of this pain but it can be referred from other … Read more

Specific Tips To Help You Avoid Back Trouble

Do gentle warm up exercises before sport or jogging Be careful if you are lifting in an awkward or confined space Use a firm mattress Never continue an activity if your back hurts Stand tall and straight with your head held high Never do fitness or aerobic exercises on a stone or concrete floor Never … Read more

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