What is the difference between allergy and intolerance?

Food allergy and food intolerance – they’re often confused for one another and neither is too pleasant, yet they are dramatically different. With an allergy you will quickly become aware you’ve eaten something. It can take less than an hour for an allergic reaction to take hold, with nasty effects from skin rashes to vomiting … Read more

The Effects of Coffee

Coffee does lots of things to your body. Including: Caffeine makes your heart beat faster and raises blood pressure. It widens blood vessels and excites the system that conducts electrical impulses, which can lead to palpitations. It lowers blood sugar levels and increases circulating cholesterol and free fatty acids (triglycerides) risking heart attacks. concentration and … Read more

How Much Water ?

Our bodies are made up of 70% water and it is therefore important to keep the fluid levels at their maximum especially at this time of year. Certain things like tea and coffee, alcohol, and sweating dehydrate the body. We should drink approximately two litres of water a day to be sufficiently hydrated although our … Read more

Coping naturally with the menopause

The menopause is a time of fundamental hormonal adjustment causing a variety of symptoms in women over the age of forty. This is caused by dropping levels of progesterone and oestrogen in their bodies. Symptoms include: hot flushes, sweats, memory loss, depression, irritability, insomnia, palpitations, water retention, vaginal dryness, weight gain, osteoporosis and an increase … Read more

Cancer, what’s it about?

Now that one in three people develop cancer it is vital that we realise that the 21st Century environment and lifestyle could be responsible, and make the necessary changes. The four main causes of chronic disease are: Poisons Radiation Lack of vitamins and minerals Fears and emotions Poisons These are chemicals in our food, the … Read more

How safe are our antiperspirants?

Are our Antiperspirants slowly killing us. Research at Reading University has found a possible link between the use of Antiperspirants & Cancer.

Sacro-iliac Joint in Detail

As the name suggests this joint is formed by the union of two separate bones, one being the lower part of the spine (the sacrum), and the second, being one of the three bones which make up the pelvis (the ilium). Hence the L-shaped sacro-iliac joint (SIJ). The two different surfaces are covered with different … Read more

9 Hayfever Beating Supplements

For many of us, the end of spring is a beautiful time of year but not for everyone – unfortunately, this is the season that can be a very uncomfortable time for Hayfever sufferers. Hayfever affects 2-3 million people in this country every year, and the statistics are growing; an allergy to mould spores from … Read more

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