5 Pillars of Life

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Air
  4. Avoidance of radiation
  5. Mental attitude

Isn’t it true that chronic health disease is increasing and stress related illness is rife?  So much more than 40 years ago and yet we have state of the art medicine! 

This is partly due to the non-absorption of nutrients from vitamin and mineral products, and partly to the purity of the products we eat.


The food we eat is vital for life and the food we have today is completely lacking nutrients, compared to what it was like in the 40’s.  A bowl of spinach in 1948 would have given you 120 mg of iodine – the same bowl today gives you 2! 

The value of food is very different and you are what you eat!  Today we have processed foods, impregnated with preservatives and lots of added sugar and salt but very little in the way of nutrients.  We are now eating foods that are questionable on many different levels and creating devastation to our physical health


It is also vital to life and these days it is full of contaminants, fluoride, chlorine, toxic chemicals pumped in through pesticides, pathogens and contaminants coming in from various areas.  There are also pharmaceutical substances that are not broken down in your body and go back into the sewers, are not filtered properly so end up in your tap water! Zeno-oestrogens that play havoc with people’s hormonal system and bodies, and the implication of that, in terms of disease management in your own physical body, is incredible.  What you are putting into your body, is vital to good health so change the quality of water.


Breathing is a natural normal thing for survival and yet the pollution in major cities is frighteningly high as we have found out recently with asthma increasing hugely in Dartford with people who are living on a major polluted road.

There are also airborne issues that we are facing in terms of viruses and bacteria.

Many people are looking for air filtration systems, but they are not enough we need air purifying systems.

Avoidance of radiation

When I first started my business there was no such thing as mobile phones or 4G or 5G but a massive amount of radiation has been pumped into our systems from these radiations that are out there now. We need to do something to protect ourselves from the radiation that has bombarded us in modern day life.

Mental health and how we think

We can think ourselves sad and we can think ourselves happy. The same thing applies to our physical health, we can think ourselves unhealthy and we can think ourselves healthy.

We are incredible beings, but the biggest issue that we face in life today is the amount of mental health issues right across the board, and it has got even worse in the last couple of years because of what’s happening right now!

Exercise and sleep are so important and people are so stressed in their daily working lives that they are not sleeping well at night.  Sleep deprivation has a huge physiological impact on us because at night we should be replicating cells and repairing from the day’s work, and getting ready for the new day.

Sickness doesn’t happen overnight, it is something that happens under the radar and you are not even aware of it happening!  We can avoid those problems by looking at what we are doing, and changing just small things in order to change life.

What does every single person need, that every single person is not getting on a daily basis and every single person will have an effect from? The answer is minerals!

All disease is caused by inflammation and mineral deficiencies.  The answers are found in nature but where do they exist in nature, and how can we utilise those and get them into our body in a successful way that is going to get the best effects that we can possibly have?

The body needs over 70 minerals a day to function. The minerals are the spark plugs of your body, of life.  It is the minerals that trigger the firing processes of all of your body’s activities

In farming, legislation says that you only have to put 3 minerals into the soil, potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous, and because we are over farming the land, the plants can’t get the mineral out of the earth any longer.  The plants look good but they don’t contain the nutrients our body needs, so we become deficient and develop disease!

The best compound for minerals is Fulvic acid and there are 5 major deposits of Fulvic acid across the world.  It is a wonderful compound made up of microbes that break down in the soil and nutrients from the plants that break down.  The new plants take up the nutrients, we eat the plants and we get Fulvic acid.

The supplement I am recommending is made partially from terrestrial fulvic, ie. plant material, and partially marine plant material that come from ancient seaweed type material deep in the ground. Fulvic acid itself is nature’s probiotic, one of the most potent probiotics that exist. It is water soluble, so it can be absorbed into the body very easily as the body is water based.

Fulvic acid is extracted from the soil in a 2 year unique extraction method where it is put into huge vats of water and spun around for 2 months to 2 years so that the heavy material sinks to the bottom and what is left is a band of colloidal minerals.  It is a proprietary water extraction process resulting in a 100% soluble highly concentrated liquid.  The band of colloidal minerals are then extracted and dried off so you are left with an amazing ‘gold’ with 72 minerals and other materials that nature provides like natural hormones, all the vitamins, natural phytochemicals, fatty acids, fulvic and humic acid, amino acids, natural steroids, flavonoids, catchins, tannins, polyphenols, ketones, quinones. Isoflavones, tocopherols and flavins.

It is a very powerful, potent mineral compound known to man and vital for good health.  Fulvic can carry up to 60 times its own weight, and it carries and protects the important nutrients during their journey towards all the individual cells in the human body and because it is water soluble it is almost completely absorbed in a natural way at a cellular level. It also helps to get the fluid structure into the body to prevent dehydration.

Sugars and carbohydrates that are taken in, in our normal diet are stored in our fat cells causing all sort of problems like diabetes and obesity.  Fulvic acid, instead of allowing those carbs and sugars to be stored in the fat tissues, shuttles them and pushes them along into the muscle tissue so that it is burned immediately instead of being stored.

Every disease is underpinned by inflammation.  To heal we need to get rid of inflammation. Nature produces one of the most potent anti-inflammatories that exist in the world today – Turmeric.  It has 300 different alkaloids to support physical life and it includes Curcuma longa that is the most powerful anti-inflammatory substance with the greatest capabilities.

Sub polar Co2 extraction is used to remove curcuma longa from the plant. It is not only an anti-inflammatory but also has an antioxidant effect on cancer cells, improves brain function, relieves headaches, helps manage diabetes, regulates cholesterol and promotes weight loss.

HHRX contains these 2 ingredients and although the fulvic is water soluble and the curcumin is oil based, it is able to carry the curcumin into the cells using mycell technology where the body has a mechanism to access it.

A very potent supplement that covers so much.

Wyndham Health