Pathogenic Therapy

Who does it help?

Those with:-

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome/Persistent
  • Polymyalgia/Fibromyalgia/chronic pain conditions
  • Chronic ear/nose/throat/sinus disorders
  • Flu/cold and their symptoms that the body is having difficulty ‘shifting’
  • Asthma/chronic lung issues/persistent coughs
  • Lyme Disease/Tick-borne diseases
  • Skin disorders, such as Eczema
  • Urinary Tract Infections/Bladder issues/Kidney Stones
  • Chronic Thrush/cystitis/STDs
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Crohn’s Disease/Diverticulitis/chronic constipation or diarrhoea
  • Chronic acid reflux/nausea
  • Glandular Fever, Shingles, Cold sores (Herpes virus-related issues)

What is it?

What are Pathogens?

Pathogens are viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and toxins that cause illness/disease in their host. We usually catch infections by ingestion, respiration, insect bite, sexual intimacy or through breaks/invasions of our skin. Your body’s immune system is designed to destroy pathogens either before you notice symptoms or after a period of illness.

Why are Pathogens important?

For different reasons, your immune system is sometimes unable to destroy a pathogen completely. These pathogens that ‘escape the net’ go on to live within the various body systems. When this pathogenic activity gets out of control, chronic symptoms and conditions present themselves.

What is Pathogenic Therapy?

The origins of Pathogenic Therapy were born out of a mixture of ‘Classical Homeopathy’ and the work of the German physician Reinhold Voll. In the 1950s Voll began experimenting with ways to detect changes in an electro-acupuncture reading when different substances are placed on a machine he designed, which later became known as a Vega machine. His work was adopted and developed by other practitioners around the world – most notably in Germany and India. This work was developed by certain individuals who use vials which have the electromagnetic signatures of pathogens in them. Pathogenic Therapy is really quite rare in the UK, with only a handful of practitioners currently practicing – despite its useful application to many issues.

How does it work?

All Vega testing is completely non-invasive – it does not use needles or break the skin. It is carried out using electroacupuncture points of the hands and feet – however some discomfort can occur due to the machine’s pen ‘nib’ being repeatedly placed one point.

Having identified pathogens at your appointments, tailor-made remedies are made for you at the end of each appointment for you to take home and use as drops in water – these drops are designed to destroy the pathogens detected. Remedies are in energy terms the polarised ‘antidote’ versions of the exact pathogens you have been tested as hosting. The process of taking remedies is explained in further detail at your appointments. In most cases Elska Clark, our Pathogenic therapist, will want to see you again in an appointment after any treatment you have had, to check the pathogens previously detected have gone.

The course of treatment is individual to you as it is dependent on your condition and the number of pathogens present in your body. Please note – it is rare that only one appointment is needed and it is important to not begin Pathogenic Therapy if one appointment is the limit available to you. Pathogenic Therapy is a course of treatment for all relevant pathogens to be detected and eliminated. Appointments are usually monthly, however exceptions occur depending on your needs.

Pathogenic Therapy is suited to treating children too, however very young children (0-4 years) may struggle to sit still for the length of time required for testing which is up to one hour per session. They may also find the discomfort of repeated pressure on an electroacupuncture point unmanageable.

If you wish to find out if Pathogenic Therapy may be suitable for you or your relative feel free to send enquiries by email to Elska Clark at

How much does it cost?

Per 60 minute session – £86 (please leave 90 minutes for appointments in case remedies are required)

Remedies are charged in addition to the appointment fee:

Pathogenic Remedies – £22 each

Drainages £9.25 – £40 each

Please note: Pathogenic Testing is only available with Elska Clark in Baldock, Hertfordshire on every fourth Thursday and Friday.

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