Tips for Healthy Sleep

Some great tips for healthy sleep from Volodymyr Ulitovskyy, MBA, CPA

Healthy sleep habits will extend your lifespan by 10 years or more. HOW? . . Every day when you wake up without healthy sleep, your body is swimming in the toxic mix of stress hormones (cortisol) and inflammation. Your body & brain are both impaired and aged. This shortens your lifespan.

5 healthy tips to improve your sleep

1. Sleep in a cold room between 60-65F (15-17C) Cold room temperature promotes deep sleep.
2. Do not watch TV or use smartphones before bedtime. Bright screens excite your brain and delay deep sleep by 1 hour or more. Replace your screen time with a book time. Read a book instead.
3. Eat healthy, nutritious, and whole foods. Processed, junk and sugary foods promote inflammation and impair your sleep quality. CBD is gaining momentum in the health and wellness world, with some scientific studies confirming it may ease symptoms of ailments like chronic pain and anxiety. The people that report feeling sleepy from hemp oil could change their dose and possibly experience a different effect of CBD.
4. Take a cold or lukewarm shower after your regular hot shower. Cold water exposure helps your body to cool down for the night.
5. Sex is the best sleep aid in existence. Now you have another good reason to get it going with your loved one. Stay healthy and strong.

This is great advice but there is also another great sleep aid in the Peace Patch from Super Patch Company. This technology is quite amazing – a pattern on a patch, once touching the skin, is picked up by our neurons that send messages to the part of the brain that helps with sleep. This then increases deeper and restful sleep up to 30%. However, if you’re suffering from sleep apnea, a sleep apnea therapy can help you get better sleep.

If your sleep is dysregulated you do not have quality sleep. This is so very important because in ‘rem’ sleep the brain heals and in ‘deep’ sleep the body heals. 75% of all new cells are laid down in deep and rem sleep, and with any sleep pattern you go through several cycles of deep, rem and light sleep throughout the night. Over ½ of the night is spent in light sleep and assessing the body’s needs.

In deep sleep slower, lower frequency delta brain waves dominate and the body does the healing. It goes through repair and rebuild mode and it improves and strengthens the immune system.

So if you are not getting a good nights sleep with plenty of ‘Rem’ cycles then this may be your answer.

Talk to me about it if you have any questions or go to

in the ‘shop’ you will see Rempatches – well worth a try.

Tropic have their Dream Team collection with their So sSeepy Pillow Mist, the So Sleepy Temple Balm and their unwind Hand Creambalm which has been proven to improve sleep and is so lusciously gorgeous! A great gift too.

Alison Wyndham

Wyndham Health