Craniosacral Therapy

Who does Craniosacral Therapy help?

Those with:-

  • back and body pain
  • tiredness
  • accidents
  • throat disorders
  • chronic conditions
  • stress
  • asthma
  • allergies
  • birth traumas
  • lack of self confidence
  • anxiety
  • tiredness
  • tension
  • cancer
  • hormonal problems
  • trauma related illnesses

Craniosacral Therapy can help all ages from birth to old age and in particular babies who have had traumatic births creating difficulties with colic, sleeping, crying, feeding, constipation, breathing etc. Due to the very gentle and non invasive nature of Craniosacral Therapy it is ideally suited to supporting and aiding the body’s natural capacity to heal. This is very common after car accident injuries occurs. Make sure to contact the best legal advice for your case.

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

The membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord are filled with cerebro-spinal fluid which pulses. This pulse has a number of tides within it that carry Inherent Health, the blueprint or matrix that tells every part of you how to be, and keeps you in balance. When we get ill, our bodies slip out of balance and we often find it difficult to heal ourselves.

How does Craniosacral Therapy work?

By gently, yet powerfully applying pressure to the body where appropriate, the individual is assisted in facilitating his or her innate self healing ability. The body recalls how it felt when it was absolutely well and is able to simulate and then resume its own control.

Whatever the process, it is about the individual healing from within, being assisted by the therapist. It is not some magical cure applied from without. The magic lies inside you.

By working at this deep level, the core of your being, Craniosacral Therapy addresses the causes of illness. Inherent Health has the intelligence to tackle any condition the body is suffering. It is not so much a question of ‘what illness can Craniosacral therapy treat?’ – as ‘how far are you prepared to look?’

How much does Craniosacral Therapy cost?

Adult session – £50

Baby initial session – £45

Baby subsequent session – £30

Please note: Craniosacral Therapy is only available in Baldock.

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