The Amazing Molecules that Support Life

In every cell in your body you have mitochondria, which are the power houses of your cells
and produce the energy known as ATP, to drive your cells biochemical reactions. Each cell
contains hundreds of mitochondria and certain parts of the body such as the heart and liver
contain thousands of mitochondria because they are high energy demanding organs.

Redox Signalling Molecules are molecules that are made in the mitochondria of every cell in
your body to provide communication and regulation of all bodily systems and work together
to advance life. This can involve activating genetic pathways, providing information that all
cells and body systems need to improve function, rallying resources to help cells when they
are in trouble, and enhancing the ability of cells to detoxify.

This is how our cells talk to each other and initiate responses. They have the ability to
neutralize imbalanced cells by giving or taking an electron so they are the cell’s ‘antioxidant’
and they keep us healthy.

Cells exist in a slightly saline environment and they form the barrier that allows oxygen and
nutrients to enter the blood stream and expel toxins out of the cell. They tag the bad cells in
the blood for healing or elimination. They are critical for our health. We wouldn’t live for
minutes without these molecules being produced. Every cell in our body needs these
molecules for communication purposes. The more you can amplify a signal, the more NRF2
you activate, the more genes you turn on, the more glutathione is produced and the better
the health response. The more balanced they are and the more abundant, the healthier we

In short, we need them for all bodily function, and, as we age we lose the ability to produce
mitochondria an therefore redox signalling molecules, every decade by at least 10%. We
don’t store them for when we need more, they are used up completely as they are made
and their decline is accelerated by stress, pesticides in our food, pollution in our air, sun
damage, poor diet, and toxins of all sorts.

Redox signalling is an intrinsic, tightly regulated component of cell metabolism, controlling
cell growth, differentiation, and death. Some of their roles are to defend cells and to repair
damaged cells or replace damaged cells with younger, healthier ones. If damaged cells
replicate as more damaged cells, the tissue, organ, and body system involved could be at

The interplay between the production of oxidants and the antioxidant defences is highly
regulated to maintain cellular redox homeostasis thus, its dysregulation underlies many
pathological conditions, including cancer, neurodegeneration, and cardiovascular and
metabolic diseases.

The older we get, the more likely we are to have health and mobility problems. We no
longer heal as quickly and easily from illness or injury as cellular communication and
efficiency break down. Restoring an optimal supply of Redox Signalling Molecules was
considered impossible.

However, one company, Asea, after 17 years of research and development, have succeeded
in stabilising the signalling molecules to create a supplement to take. Company founders
turned down a lucrative offer from a pharmaceutical company so that they could bring ASEA
directly to the people.

Asea’s Redox cell signalling supplement is the first and only supplement to contain active
Redox Signalling Molecules, the very same powerful cellular messengers that help protect,
rejuvenate, and restore cells.

ASEA Redox can help protect and rejuvenate cells and keep them functioning at their
optimal levels, resulting in improved health. It has been shown to reduce the oxidative
stress that underlies most chronic health problems.

Here are the benefits of consuming redox signalling molecules

  • Improves your Redox Potential
  • Supplies antioxidants with the resources they need to work.
  • Repolarizes brain cells as you sleep
  • Restores neurotransmitter communication
  • Balances Hormones
  • Regulates digestion
  • Improves cardiac function
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases vitality, strengthens endurance, and is used by many athletes.

ASEA Redox is appropriate for any health concern. These Redox Signalling Molecules are
only 4 atoms in size and can cross the blood-brain barrier. This means they also have the
power to support improved sleep, mood, and neurological issues.

Asea has the combination of the oxidants and the reductants that the body already makes
and so all it is doing is enhancing what the body is already doing, and because it is native to
the body it doesn’t have to worry about detoxifying it, it knows exactly what to do with the
signals. It targets the cell itself, and gets inside the cell wall and acts with the mitochondria
to affect the body and support its biology.

It affects every cell in our body, and not just the cell but the DNA within those cells
People are experiencing very profound results even when all hope had faded. Many studies
have been performed on ASEA Redox including multiple 3rd-party double-blind, placebo-
controlled human trials at reputable institutions.

One of these human trials was conducted at Taueret Labs, home of Results
revealed 100% of people in the ASEA group showed up to 31% increased positive activation
in key gene signalling pathways in just the first 8 weeks. These 5 studied pathways positively
impact the immune system, inflammatory response, cardiovascular health, digestive health,
and hormone balance.

Is It Safe?

Millions of dollars have been spent on safety studies for ASEA Redox Cell Signalling
Supplement. It has been proven 100% safe, with zero toxicity and no side effects.
It is safe to use no matter what medical protocols you are following, what drugs or other
supplements you are taking, and whatever your dietary restrictions might be. If you are
taking insulin, make sure to monitor the amount of insulin you need. It is always important
to know the correct amount of insulin for you as needs can change.
Asea have also produced a concentrated topical gel, Renu 28, that improves skin health and
appearance. It not only affects the skin but also penetrates wherever applied. Most people
feel it immediately, with a reduction of aching or discomfort anywhere on the body after
applying the gel 3 times within 5 minutes.
This certainly is an amazing product that enhances the body’s ability to communicate and
regulate all bodily systems.

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