Cholesterol – The Natural Way

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that’s found in all the cells of our body. It has a hormone-like structure that behaves like a fat in that it is insoluble in water and in blood. 80% of cholesterol in your body is produced in the liver in response to inflammation as a result of excess … Read more

Statin drugs – a Gentle Decline

So now the medical profession want to put everyone over the age of 55 on statins and blood pressure drugs, whether they need them or not and without examining them for any problems. Supposedly it will cut costs! My question is: Are the side effects associated with statins worth the risk? Just in my practice … Read more

The Healthy Heart Check

Heart disease is the number one killer in this country. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men die from heart disease. So, contrary to popular belief, women die of heart attack almost as much as men – and more often than they die of breast cancer. Cardiovascular disease affects 2/3rds of the affluent … Read more

Statins Cause Infections and Inflammation!

Researchers have discovered that one of the most widely prescribed drugs for lowering cholesterol has a serious side effect that causes widespread infection and inflammation. The statin drug, simvastatin, blocks the body’s natural abilities to kill infections, and it also encourages the growth of other molecules that increase inflammation in the body. Scientists from the … Read more

Plastic chemical causes heart disease and more

Researchers have confirmed that the chemical found in plastic food and drink containers causes heart disease. Traces of the chemical, BPA (Biphenol A), are detectable in 90 per cent of people. Researchers from the Peninsula Medical School at the University of Exeter studied BPA levels in a large US population over a three-year period and … Read more

Healthy Heart

What is a healthy heart?  One that pumps your blood and nutrients around your body at a pressure of 120/80. 120 is the systolic pressure, when the heart beats, 80 is the diastolic pressure, when the heart relaxes. The slower our heart rate the longer we live. To do this it requires healthy arteries, healthy … Read more

Fatty fish consumption lowers heart disease risk

I read today in Bob Livingstone’s Personal Liberty News Desk about a Study: Fatty fish consumption lowers heart disease risk. This is something we have been saying for many years but it is good that research has now proved it! ‘New research published in the European Heart Journal has found that eating oily fish, such … Read more

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