The Wyndham Centre – Who are we?

[lead]We have been providing fast, professional and affordable physiotherapy since 1979.[/lead]

Our clinics in Central London and Hertfordshire are run by a team of highly skilled and experienced chartered physiotherapists.

We offer a range of orthodox and complementary medicine specialising in providing pain relief via a range of treatments and our approach recognises that every individual responds differently to treatment so we work with each patient not only to find the best solution to their particular problem, but also to teach them how to avoid the problem re-occurring.

Our vision is to enable all people to achieve an enhanced and healthy quality of life and live life to the full.  We want healthy, happy, educated people.

Our mission is to improve people’s health, self belief and hope through treatment and education, to get them back to working as efficiently as possible, so preventing them having to take time off work.  We will provide first class treatment to our patients, in a calm, relaxed centre of excellence, using orthodox and complementary medicine, tailored to suit their individual needs.

With our highly knowledgeable team we are committed to offering the best care available and will attempt to answer any questions you may have.

We are dedicated to providing a professional service with clear and precise information.  Let us help you to make the most significant lifestyle changes for optimal health.

make it better, better, better, better, better

Wyndham Health