Chemical Cosmetics Can Be Carcinogenic

I have mentioned in a previous article about chemicals in our cosmetics but I want to reiterate it here because it is really so important that you understand what you are putting on and into your body and what it can do to you. Almost 13000 chemicals are used in cosmetics and only 10% of … Read more

Probiotics and Cancer

Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, believed all those years ago that all disease starts in the gut and a recent study published in PLOS ONE shows that having some control over your gut’s bacterial population may even help prevent cancer. Living inside your gut there are fungi, good bacteria and bad bacteria … Read more

Processed food….. a cause of cancer

Processed food….. a cause of cancer Processed foods are part of our life these days, but how good are they for us? They are certainly more convenient and faster, and what we do know is that obesity and processed foods play a key role in cancer. Why? New studies published over the last 2 years … Read more

Is the sun really that bad for you?

Having spent a few days in the sun in Majorca over a long weekend I realise how much more relaxed I feel and in general how much better. Why could this be? Is it just that I have been away from the normal routine and relaxing, or is there something else that may be making … Read more

Our Polluted World

We are reading and hearing more and more about toxic chemicals that are in our environment and causing health problems in all age groups. Chemicals used to make household products are being found in breast milk, blood and urine and experts fear that they may be linked to human diseases such as breast and testicular … Read more

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