Cholesterol – The Natural Way

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that’s found in all the cells of our body. It has a hormone-like structure that behaves like a fat in that it is insoluble in water and in blood. 80% of cholesterol in your body is produced in the liver in response to inflammation as a result of excess … Read more

The Myth about Blood Pressure and Salt

Most people with high blood pressure have been told to avoid salt, it is advice that we hear from doctors, magazines, family and friends alike. However it is not quite true, what you should avoid is ‘table salt’ because it is an unnatural, synthetic sodium chloride. Standard table salt loses all its essential qualities during … Read more

Toxic Chemicals in our Cosmetics

Baby oil must be natural and gentle, because it is for using on your baby’s sensitive skin… yes? No…. it is made from the leftovers from refining petrol, and the petroleum industry sell it on to the cosmetic companies, who add a little artificial scent, and sell it on as baby oil! And that is … Read more

15 Alkalising Reasons to Eat Cucumber

According to Dr Robert O Young cucumbers are one of the best foods for your overall health and often referred to as a super food because they are alkalising. Our bodies are alkaline by design but our lifestyle and diet create a very acid body which encourage inflammation, bacteria, viruses and fungi. So adding cucumber … Read more

Sugar Levels Can Affect Your Brain

Type-2 diabetes is becoming more and more prevalent in this country and huge numbers are pre-diabetic, yet most people still do not realise the implications of this illness and that it isn’t ‘just a sugar disease’. It’s a metabolic disorder that has far-reaching consequences when it comes to the quality of your life, your health … Read more

Eggs are not Cholesterol Forming After All!

I remember in my teens (a long time ago now!) when I was still living with my parents, and my Father used go to work on an egg every morning! He would have an egg, sometimes two, for breakfast, often with bacon and sometimes with a sausage. Then we learnt that eggs were killing us … Read more

5 Early Signs of Heart Disease

Unfortunately the first sign of a heart attack, is usually a heart attack, you get very little warning! Well, that’s what we have always thought, but in fact the good news is that research has uncovered a few symptoms that, on the surface, seem unrelated to the heart and are often considered insignificant by many … Read more

Fizzy Drinks Can Give you Heart Disease

A new study has found that if you drink a can of fizzy drink a day or even just two cans a week they can be the direct cause of weight gain, heart disease, liver failure, high blood pressure and diabetes! The effects happen after a very short time, often within a month and your … Read more

Cholesterol Is Good For You

We are constantly being told by the medical profession that we must lower our cholesterol levels, especially the low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, also known as ‘bad cholesterol’, to avoid heart attacks. It seems to be that ‘the lower, the better’, although this has never been tested and more recently there has been increasing interest … Read more

Why Take Vitamin D?

Vitamin D deficiency is a very important health issue that affects the vast majority of people in the UK, and the main reason for the deficiency is lack of adequate sun exposure. Vitamin D is primarily manufactured in the skin where it transforms cholesterol into the vitamin on contact with sunshine. The vitamin D status … Read more

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