The Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners

If you have read my Health policy blog you will know how much I go on about the bad, and often dangerous, effects of sugar on your body. It may be the single biggest threat to your health and the problem is that not many of the sugar substitutes are any better. A team of … Read more

Natural Alternative to Anti-biotics

More and more we are hearing that our antibiotics are not working so well because the bugs are becoming resistant to them. Soon, even common infections will be able to kill us! This is a scary thought, but luckily there are simple, natural solutions for fighting outside threats to your body and they’re not like … Read more

Step 4 to a Healthy Gut

Fungal Yeast and mould are fungus, and there are over 200 that may live within the body. Some fungus feed off dead organisms whilst others, the parasitic fungus, feed off live organisms. These pathogenic fungus cause human diseases such as athletes foot, ring worm, dandruff, rosacea, swimmers ear, nail infections and yeast infections. Candida Albicans, … Read more

Step 3 to a Healthy Gut

Parasites   Parasites, by definition, live off other living things. These days, due to our toxic environment, we are exposed to all kinds of ‘parasites’, from other people, our own homes, the food we eat and the water we drink. There are over 3,200 varieties. Those that infest our bodies not only live off the … Read more

5 Reasons for Men to Take Zinc

I was with some friends the other day who were both suffering from a nasty cold, so I suggested that they take Vitamin C and Zinc. ‘Why zinc?’ they asked. I replied that it was a good immune booster and healer, and I added that it was a very important mineral, especially for men. So … Read more

Silver Enhances the Effect of Antibiotics

Silver was used thousands of years ago by the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks for various illnesses and to prevent the growth of algae, bacteria and unwanted organisms spoiling their liquids and foods. The Roman soldiers used to put a silver coin in their water bottles to keep their water clean! Later Drs used silver as … Read more

A Summer Cold or a Mould Sensitivity

I am not sure that we will ever get a summer this year but it has got a little warmer and it’s a time when I hear alot of people say to me that they have their usual ‘summer cold’! I am always a little sceptical that it really is a cold, and I believe … Read more

5 Early Signs of Heart Disease

Unfortunately the first sign of a heart attack, is usually a heart attack, you get very little warning! Well, that’s what we have always thought, but in fact the good news is that research has uncovered a few symptoms that, on the surface, seem unrelated to the heart and are often considered insignificant by many … Read more

The Whys and Wherefores of Hayfever

The hay fever season is on its way, infact for many people, the minute the sun came out, it started! The media are predicting that this year’s allergy season will be the worst ever! They said the same for last year! However for the sufferer it doesn’t really matter what they say because whatever it … Read more

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