Some Steps towards a Healthy Gut

Your digestive system is of major importance to your general health and wellbeing. It is in your stomach and intestines that most of the work of turning your food into fuel and nourishment takes place. It is a very complicated process involving enzymes, acids, good bacteria and peptides and if they are not in balance … Read more

The Whys and Wherefores of Hayfever

The hay fever season is on its way, infact for many people, the minute the sun came out, it started! The media are predicting that this year’s allergy season will be the worst ever! They said the same for last year! However for the sufferer it doesn’t really matter what they say because whatever it … Read more

“All Disease Starts in The Gut”

‘All disease begins in the gut’, so says Hippocrates, and I for one, believe that he has a very good point! There is a huge amount of inflammation going on in our guts that can cause a plethora of different symptoms, some quite mild and inconvenient, but others quite dangerous and even life threatening. You … Read more

7 Reasons that You May Feel Tired

Tiredness appears to be a big problem these days. Everyone who comes to see me complains of tiredness but why is this? Do we not sleep enough, do we try and cram too much into our day, is it what we eat or don’t eat that makes the difference? Well, yes it is all that, … Read more

Are you an ‘apple’ or ‘pear’?

Often people are concerned about the shape of their body and the way this makes them look and feel. However your body shape could be an indicator to a potential health problem. An ‘apple’ shaped body tends to have fat above the waist, whereas a ‘pear’ shaped body carries fat below the waist. Men with … Read more

Help for Hayfever

Well, the hayfever season seems to be with us already. The warmer months of spring and summer mean that we can start enjoying more of our favourite outdoor activities. Whether it’s strolling through the woods, cycling along the riverbanks, taking the dog for a walk, playing cricket out in the fields, or simply relaxing in … Read more

Ringing in your ears? Get Help for Tinnitus

It can be very frustrating and debilitating to have ‘ringing in your ears’ non-stop. You can’t sleep. You can’t read. It’s difficult to concentrate on anything. It is called ‘tinnitus’ and doctors just don’t seem to be able to do any thing to cure the problem. Sometimes cleaning out ear wax helps but very rarely. … Read more

The Gold Alternative Health Check

The responsibility of your health is yours, no one else has got quite the same interest in it as you have.  To make sure that you keep yourself healthy and understand your problems a Gold Alternative Health Check is a good option.  Not only do I cover the conventional tests but also look at your … Read more

Natural Help for Hayfever

It is that time of the year again when we start sneezing, scratching the back of our throats with our tongue and itching in the nose and eyes! Not only is it uncomfortable and most disagreeable but it can also be exhausting. Hayfever is an immune response, your body is fighting an allergen. Why is … Read more

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