Natural Help for Hayfever

It is that time of the year again when we start sneezing, scratching the back of our throats with our tongue and itching in the nose and eyes! Not only is it uncomfortable and most disagreeable but it can also be exhausting.

Hayfever is an immune response, your body is fighting an allergen. Why is this happening? In my opinion it is as if the body is in overload mode……it cannot cope with another allergen and to help improve the situation we need to unload the body of as many allergens as possible.

For that reason I test not only to find out which pollens you are sensitive to but also to find out if you have any food sensitivities. My feeling is that food sensitivities come first and sensitivities to pollen, cat and dog come after.

Very often if you remove the foods you are sensitive to first, your body can cope better with the other allergens, and the hayfever is much better.

When testing I can also desensitise you to the pollens by making up homeopathic ‘pollen’ drops for you to take on a daily basis. These are made up by a method called the ‘Miller technique’ where a mother tincture is diluted by one in ten and then the next level is diluted by one in ten, up to a certain level. I test you on the different potencies to find out which one will desensitise you.

Another natural supplement worth trying is Sterol 117. It is a unique, high potency supplement with a complex blend of plant sterols and powerful antioxidant support, also essential fatty acids. The antioxidant complex is from pine bark, providing the highest molecular weight of proanthocynadins. These encourage the immune system to work better and block the histamine reaction so reducing the symptoms of allergies.

Helping your hayfever the natural way is so much better for the body that putting a load of chemical drugs into the system that can make you sleepy or feel under par. Do your self a favour…….look after your own body naturally.


Wyndham Health