Help for Hayfever

HayfeverWell, the hayfever season seems to be with us already. The warmer months of spring and summer mean that we can start enjoying more of our favourite outdoor activities. Whether it’s strolling through the woods, cycling along the riverbanks, taking the dog for a walk, playing cricket out in the fields, or simply relaxing in the park or garden, generally we all like to spend a bit more time outside at this time of year.

However for many of you it can be a miserable time, because your eyes start to itch your nose runs, you sneeze incessantly, and you can become very tired…..its hayfever! In fact, for some of you, going outside when the pollen count is high can be such a nightmare that you avoid doing it all together.

Well there is hope at hand. You don’t have to take anti histamines that make you even more tired and you can get out into the sunshine but it is best to look at the problem from an holistic point of view. Visit and get all the details.

In my opinion an allergy to pollens comes second to food sensitivities and to an immune problem. As a teenager and into my early 20s I had terrible hayfever, but once I discovered that I also had a sensitivity to dairy foods and took them out of my diet, my hayfever disappeared!

So to help you with hayfever I will take an holistic look at your body and test you on the Vega machine to find out what food sensitivities you may have and advise you on a diet to try for 2 months. I will also test to find out which pollens and air borne allergens affect you and I can desensitise you to these. I use the ‘Miller’ technique which is a homeopathic way of finding the correct potency of the allergen to stop the sensitivity.

There are other supplements that can help:

Quercetin, Vitamin C and bioflavenoids, are known to have anti histamine effects.
• Bromelain has anti inflammatory effects.
• N-acetyl-L-cysteine is know to have mucous dissolving properties.

Some homeopathic remedies can be helpful such as:

• Allum Cepa 6c if you have burning watery nasal discharge. Eyes itching and watery, and a tickling cough.
• Arundo 6c for itching eyes, roof of mouth and and back of throat. Itching deep in the ears and nostrils. Sneezing and loss of smell.
• Sabadilla if you have bouts of sneezing, profuse watery nasal discharge. Numbness and itching of the throat and you try to scratch it with your tongue. Sinus pain and the need to swallow due to a feeling of lumps in the throat.
• Euphrasia for sneezing, watery nose. Eyes red, burning tears, swollen lids and a general headache.
• Mixed pollens 30c can also help to treat the symptoms.

To address the underlying cause it is important also, to balance the immune system with some Plant Sterols, reduce the inflammation with high strength omega 3s and Serrapeptase, regulate gut immunity with a good probiotic and support immune activity with Vit D.

A heathy diet and lifestyle programme is also vital to encourage optimum health.

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