The Gold Alternative Health Check

The responsibility of your health is yours, no one else has got quite the same interest in it as you have.  To make sure that you keep yourself healthy and understand your problems a Gold Alternative Health Check is a good option.  Not only do I cover the conventional tests but also look at your body from an energy perspective.

During this check I will monitor your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and do a urine analysis.

I will test you for food sensitivities on the Vega machine, a bio-energetic regulatory machine that also looks at your body as an energy, and checks the energy in your body organs. From this testing I can get a picture of what is going on in your body and recommend changes that you can make to your diet and lifestyle.

You will also fill in a comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire, so that I can advise you on changes that can improve your general health and also recommend any supplements that you may require.

Alison Wyndham

Please note: The Alternative Health Check Gold is only available in Baldock, Hertfordshire

Wyndham Health