KneeLifting, bending, slouching and even sneezing can cause pain. Whether it is a sudden pain that seems to cripple you like sciatica, immobilise you like migraine, nag and sap your energy like a frozen shoulder or facial pain, or is one that is constant like arthritis, the physiotherapists at The Wyndham Centres are trained to find the root of the problem and treat the condition.

If the pain is due to bad posture or tension, we will help you with certain exercises to improve your posture by working on your core stability. If it is due to mouse twitching, key tapping or other repetitive minor movements we can stretch your muscles, correct your posture and show you exercises to help. If it is due to spinal problems we can mobilise, manipulate and massage your way back to pain relief.

Physiotherapists can provide Sports Medicine Care and treat any sports injury such as tennis and golfers’ elbows, runners’ and skiers’ knees, rugby necks and footballers legs, and can show you with the right warm up and stretching exercises how to prevent further injury.

Alison Wyndham

Wyndham Health