Does Inflammation Cause Disease?

Inflammation is a vital part of the body’s immune response, it is the body’s attempt to heal itself after an injury, to defend itself against foreign invaders, such as viruses and bacteria, and to repair damaged tissue. When you injure your body, biochemical processes release proteins called cytokines. These act as emergency signals to bring … Read more

Exciting News about Ginger

Ginger is the rhizome (root) of the plant Zingiber officinale and is consumed as a medicine, a spice and as a delicacy. Other members of the same family are cardamom, galangal and turmeric. Young ginger roots are juicy and fleshy with a very mild taste and used in many dishes or steeped in boiling water … Read more

The Importance of Stretching

For specific stretches please give us a call to make an appointment with one of our chartered physiotherapists – Fleet Street 020 7404 0023 or Baldock 01462 893586. General Stretches: The benefits of stretching include reduced muscle soreness after exercising and even better performance. Do not bounce – it risks pulling or tearing the muscle … Read more

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is common and can be brought on by the repetitive tasks or postures to which we regularly expose our bodies. Pain is frequently felt in the upper outer arm as well as around the shoulder joint. The shoulder structures may be the source of this pain but it can be referred from other … Read more

Inflammation – the Prime Factor for Disease

Science has concluded that the prime factor in the majority of disease, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer is ‘inflammation’. So, if that is the case why do we get inflammation and how do we prevent it? A bad diet can play a huge part in the production of inflammation because there are certain … Read more

An Amazing Natural Anti-inflammatory

Having suffered back pain for 3 years, scans, x-rays, and other tests not showing any real reason for it, I understand the frustration so many people feel when they are in pain. It is exhausting and very debilitating. I had every treatment available for my back pain including non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, which kept the … Read more

4 Superfoods That Relieve Arthritis Pain

According to Jim Healthy a health writer and researcher, there are certain foods that can help with relieving the pain of arthritis. If you suffer from arthritis, you’ve certainly heard all about the latest wonder drugs and surgical procedures that can be used to ‘cure’ you. However we all know that the medical industry will … Read more


Lifting, bending, slouching and even sneezing can cause pain. Whether it is a sudden pain that seems to cripple you like sciatica, immobilise you like migraine, nag and sap your energy like a frozen shoulder or facial pain, or is one that is constant like arthritis, the physiotherapists at The Wyndham Centres are trained to … Read more

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