Craniosacral Therapy and Digestive Health

When digestive problems have become chronic and entrenched or when you feel they are associated with some type of auto-immune response, you may wish to look at the deeper underlying causes of your problem.

Different traumas in life can leave deep imprints that the body deals with at the time but never properly processes.  It holds on to them.  Then later in life, when it becomes stressed, the body finds it harder and harder to deal with the imprint and it finds ways of complaining.  Digestive complaints can be the body’s way of saying ‘I can’t handle this anymore’. 

Stress and anxiety are common triggers for digestion problems.  They are often associated with issues we find hard to handle that we cannot process, that we cannot digest.

Craniosacral Therapy is a type of body psychotherapy that is very gentle and non invasive.  It is a way of helping the body relax and cope with the stress and anxiety so you can listen to the body and come to some understanding as to why it is not coping and help change the imprint.

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