Reflexology, Massage, Energy Healing, Yoga and Meditation for Digestive Health

More than any other system in the human body, the digestive system makes us aware when all is functioning well, but it can also inform us when things are not functioning correctly.

Reflexology, Massage, Energy Healing, Yoga, and Meditation with the use of throat chakra crystal can help with a number of digestive problems such as constipation, food allergies, and intestinal disorders such as colitis, diverticulitis, and irritable bowel syndrome. In fact, there is this blog on the massage process that can help you understand it better.

Disorders of the digestive system can be very painful and uncomfortable, and Reflexology in particular is very good at relieving the symptoms, and it helps the body to return to its natural state. It has a very calming effect on the system, relaxing the organs involved, reducing inflammation, relieving pain and encouraging the system to function correctly, as well as relaxing the body as a whole.

When waste food is kept in the body for to long it can become compacted and difficult to pass. What I have found over many years of treatments, is that even when we have a healthy bowel movement, I can guarantee after Reflexology you will have up to an extra two bowel movements over the following 24 hours. This shows that we do not fully excrete all food stuffs, very small amounts can be left behind, and Reflexology can easily clear this. Use as a preventative as well as a curative.

To maintain a healthy body and digestive system it is recommended to eat a healthy diet, keep your life stress free, exercise and drink plenty of water.

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