Eating Healthily

FruitThe summer is a great time to think about your eating habits.  Whilst the sun is out you can go for lovely green salads, raw green vegetables and the beautiful fruits such as berries that are around. If possible try and eat organic foods as it puts less strain on the liver.

Why do I suggest green vegetables? …. they are alkaline foods and it is important to keep your body in an alkaline state.  No germs can live in an alkaline medium, and your body is constantly trying to keep you alkaline so is using your own buffers, such as your important minerals, to reduce the acidity which in turn weakens your bones and muscles.

According to Dr Mark Rosenburg MD, many health problems today such as disease, fatigue and digestive problems are not necessarily due to growing older but to an imbalance of your acid/alkaline levels, and can be easily fixed by making small changes to the way you eat and the supplements you take.

The foods you eat, the pollutants that you breathe in and many of the cosmetic products you use, all create a very acid body.  This imbalance then leads to a sluggish digestion and circulation, disease and fatigue, and in turn can contribute to ageing.  If you bring your system back into proper pH balance, you’ll notice you look and feel better.

Fruits can be more alkaline and all berries are super foods as they contain Flavenoids that are strong antioxidants and help to remove toxins from the cells.

Avoid processed foods and sugar as they are acid forming and pro inflammatory. Sugar is not just an anti-nutrient but a non-nutrient – there is nothing good in sugar.  All your energy should be coming from your low glycaemic carbohydrates.

You can also help restore balance to your pH with a mineral supplement that contains Calcium Citrate, Magnesium and Potassium.  These three minerals help to alkalize your system.

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