7 Signs of a Toxic Liver

The liver is probably one of the most important organs of the body for keeping you in vibrant health, and very often you don’t realise that you have a liver problem, because the symptoms are similar to so many other health issues.

So here are 7 signs of a toxic liver:

• Low energy
• Indigestion, bloating, diarrhoea or constipation
• Concerns of high cholesterol
• Foggy thinking
• Weight gain
• Stiff, achey weak muscles,
• Concerns about blood sugar

A healthy liver keeps you nourished, energised, strong, active and toxin free. And yet the liver is the most underappreciated organ in the body, and when you are suffering from health issues your liver probably plays a big part in the problem.

The liver purifies your blood of dangerous toxins from the breakdown of food, air and water because if the toxins remained in your blood for any length of time, you would start to feel very ill very quickly.

It emulsifies fats with the bile it produces.

It regulates your cholesterol levels by getting rid of the excess cholesterol naturally, so that the bad cholesterol and triglycerides won’t shoot through the roof. Your arteries remain clear and clog free.

The liver regulates your blood sugar, by storing sugar so that your blood sugar does not go too high or too low. Then it energises your body by releasing sugar and fat molecules that are your 2 main sources of fuel.

It promotes healthy hormone balance by putting triglycerides to work. Fatty triglycerides are what your body uses to make testosterone and oestrogen.

It boots your immune system by storing lymphocytes and killer cells to protect you against dangerous invaders, and heals wounds by making the clotting factors in your blood. The body can then very quickly start the healing process.

The liver nourishes your body. Yes, it is your liver, not your stomach that nourishes your body. It collects nutrients from your food and supplements and distributes them around the body to your organs and cells so you stay healthy from head to toe

Your liver performs more than 500 critical biological functions, makes more than 1300 beneficial chemicals and hormones, manages more than 50,000 enzymes and compounds that you need for good health, processes everything you eat and drink and purifies your blood of dangerous toxins.

The interesting thing is, that if you are taking prescription drugs for lowering cholesterol, for pain or to aid digestion, they may be making things worse. The reason for this is that they are foreign to your body and your liver has to deal with them too, which may be draining away your good health and energy.

A tired liver will leave you feeling tired and old but it doesn’t scream out in pain or creak like your joints. It suffers in silence so that you may not realise it is your liver that has a problem. The few signs of a tired liver are easily confused with other symptoms of ageing. You can also suffer from poor sleep, easy bruising, brittle bones, fluid retention and kidney problems and much more. This is your liver crying out for help.

There has been extensive research into liver problems and its symptoms and it appears that the liver is the missing link to optimum health. When your liver is working well you will have a healthy cholesterol level, maintain healthy weight loss and balance your sugar levels. You will be less flatulent, your bowels will work better with less diarrhoea, indigestion and constipation. You will experience high energy levels and a sharp memory.

There is a wonderful natural remedy that kick starts healthy liver functioning, renewing a healthy liver right to the cellular level.

Silymarin is a powerful bioflavenoid and antioxidant from a plant known as Milk Thistle and has a long history of medicinal use going back to biblical times. It is well supported by modern medical research.

It has been known to boosts energy levels and the immune system, and in 2008, a study found that patients who took silymarin had a significant improvement in their liver function.

Other natural herbs that can help to improve the liver are:

1. N-acetylcysteine (NAC) – a circulation supporter. It is an amino acid that is a potent vasodilator of the liver which means it increases healthy blood flow to your liver. The more blood the liver receives the more nourishment it will get. NAC helps save the liver from chemical death.

2. Dandelion root relieves liver inflammation, improves digestion because it contains powerful antioxidants and tannins which have shown in studies to cleanse the liver of toxins. It promotes healthy potassium levels which helps with blood pressure, balance of sugars and is also good for the muscles against painful cramps.

3. Calcium D-Glucarate – The glucuronidation pathway is one of the most important Phase II conjugation pathways in the liver for the clearing of toxins and steroid hormones. Calcium D-Glucarate helps support the natural excretion of toxins that have been conjugated via the glucuronidation pathway.

4. Tumeric root extract- is the natural inflammation fighter and protects against excess fat build up which causes inflammation. It helps to relieve indigestion.

5. Artichoke leaf – is a bile booster, to help digest and use fats and therefore balance cholesterol, ease digestion and constipation.

6. Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) – Nature’s best toxic neutraliser,. It neutralises drugs before they damage the liver. It is a strong antioxidant with a difference because it breathes new life into old antioxdants. It works by supporting glutathione and supports healthy nerve function crucial for muscle strength and control.

So, high cholesterol and high triglycerides are one of the common signs of poor liver function. It is important to take supplements to help lower your cholesterol and triglycerides naturally.

Research has shown that silymarin helps keep cholesterol and trigklycerides down to a healthy level.

Statins which are the favoured drug for lowering cholesterol block healthy bile flow which your liver needs to digest fats, and they also block CoQ10, the nutrient that gives your cells energy.

It’s your liver that stores sugar after a meal for your body to use later when it is needed. An overburdened liver can store too much sugar or release too much into your body

Research shows that silymarin helps control healthy blood sugar levels

Your liver has to clear the toxins from all the general processes that go on in your body. One of them is ammonia, an extremely toxic by product of metabolism causing brain fog and poor memory.

When your liver is overburdened it cannot process the fat in your body, even the good fat, which results in you having difficulty losing weight. The fat gets deposited in your organs, under your skin and in your hips belly and thighs!

The liver produces vital immune factors that fight viruses, bacteria etc. These are the B and T lymphocytes and natural killer cells. By looking after your liver you promote the first line of natural defences.

Dry itchy skin and rashes can be due to an over worked liver. If the liver can’t process the toxins they will move into your skin, causing all sorts of skin problems.

If you have any muscle pains in your back or your shoulders it may be due to poor liver function, so it is always wise to look at other causes rather than assume your pain is musculo-skeletal.

So, look after your liver, give it supplements to help it detoxify and regenerate and you will have a painfree, energy filled and healthier body.

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