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    Does Inflammation Cause Disease?

    Inflammation is a vital part of the body’s immune response, it is the body’s attempt to heal itself after an injury, to defend itself against foreign invaders, such as viruses and bacteria, and to repair damaged tissue. When you injure your body, biochemical processes release proteins called cytokines. These act as emergency signals to bring […]

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    Multi Essentials for Men by Nutri

    Premium Multi Vitamin/Mineral formula with targeted plant-based Phytochemicals for Men

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    5 Reasons for Men to Take Zinc

    I was with some friends the other day who were both suffering from a nasty cold, so I suggested that they take Vitamin C and Zinc. ‘Why zinc?’ they asked. I replied that it was a good immune booster and healer, and I added that it was a very important mineral, especially for men. So […]

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    15 Alkalising Reasons to Eat Cucumber

    According to Dr Robert O Young cucumbers are one of the best foods for your overall health and often referred to as a super food because they are alkalising. Our bodies are alkaline by design but our lifestyle and diet create a very acid body which encourage inflammation, bacteria, viruses and fungi. So adding cucumber […]

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    Fight Disease with Good Foods

    Good foods help to fight disease, they are nature’s way of restoring, repairing and rejuvenating, of keeping you alive, and they heal without dangerous side effects. But we have denatured so many of our natural, healthy foods that they are no longer giving us the nutrients that are so important to us. Today food is […]

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    A Special Fibre to Help Fight Cancer

    We have all been told, and we know, that eating fibre helps prevent all kinds of problems, but have you heard about IP-6 fibre? Recently research has shown that this dense fibre may be put to use in the fight against breast, prostate and colon cancer. For some time studies have shown that getting enough […]

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    Olive Oil – A Great Healer

    Not that long ago olive oil was thought of as a speciality cooking oil, and only used on Mediterranean type recipes and for special occasions. Now, however, I would recommend it to all my patients because of all the wonderful health benefits it gives, especially cold pressed extra virgin olive oil as it contains most […]

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    What’s in Spinach?

    Spinach makes you strong, or so we are told by Popeye. Is he right? Well, it is certainly full of great nutrition and it is a very alkaline food. It contains carotenoids, vitamins A, B, C, E and K, folate, calcium, magnesium iron and glycoglycerolipids. Calcium and magnesium will keep your bones strong and healthy, […]

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    Statin drugs – a Gentle Decline

    So now the medical profession want to put everyone over the age of 55 on statins and blood pressure drugs, whether they need them or not and without examining them for any problems. Supposedly it will cut costs! My question is: Are the side effects associated with statins worth the risk? Just in my practice […]

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    The Life-giving B Vitamin

    According to Jenny Thompson from HIS research there is, surprisingly, a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that is showing vitamin B6 as a cancer-fighting vitamin! The JAMA study is a review and meta-analysis of 13 studies. Nine examined B6 intake, and four examined blood levels of PLP, the active […]