Is Salt Really That Bad For You?

For so long we have been told that salt is bad for us and especially for our heart, and that we should be cutting it out of our diet. More recently there has been a study linking salt with Multiple Sclerosis! Well this is completely absurd, salt, in moderation, is good for you, but it … Read more

Designer Water

The ReHydration Station We have designed you some very special water that will keep you rehydrated and give you energy. This is a maintenance programme that is easy to integrate into a busy lifestyle and will help with the healing process. All you have to do is add 8 drops of three or more different … Read more

7 Reasons that You May Feel Tired

Tiredness appears to be a big problem these days. Everyone who comes to see me complains of tiredness but why is this? Do we not sleep enough, do we try and cram too much into our day, is it what we eat or don’t eat that makes the difference? Well, yes it is all that, … Read more

The Importance of Healthy Eating

The summer is a great time to think about your eating habits. You can go for lovely green salads, raw green vegetables and the beautiful fruits such as the berries and currents that are around. In fact, that’s what this popular Naturopathic Clinic homepage encourages. If possible try to eat organic foods because it puts … Read more


By working within the aura (the energy centre that surrounds the body), congestion, emotions, negativity can be drawn out, therefore alleviating pain. It is very important to get to the root cause of the pain or it will return. Energy healing allows us to do this.   Jane Oppegaard

12 Tips for Reducing Tiredness

1. Eat a good diet of fresh green, raw or steamed vegetables such as sprouts, avocado, asparagus, broccoli and spinach. 2. Eat nuts such as peanuts, coconuts, almonds and soy nuts, they are a great source of energy. 3. Cut out all added sugar, processed foods, coffee, tea and alcohol. These are low energy foods … Read more

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