Designer Water

The ReHydration Station

We have designed you some very special water that will keep you rehydrated and give you energy. This is a maintenance programme that is easy to integrate into a busy lifestyle and will help with the healing process.

All you have to do is add 8 drops of three or more different homeopathic remedies to 500ml of mineral water and sip it throughout the day. Depending on what results you would like, you can add either something to help you drain the toxins from your body, or something to give you more energy or something to help reduce inflammation, or even a combination if you like!


Relaxes the tissues and cells of the body so they become more receptive to the absorption of water and nutrients. Promotes healthy cell function. Helps balance out water retention. When body is rehydrated healing strategies work more effectively.


A unique and effective mineral supplement that provides the body with easy-to-absorb 100% naturally occurring ionic trace minerals in liquid form. SpectraMin is highly pH which alkalises the body. Any minerals not needed just pass through the body. It is a natural antibacterial solution and can even be used as an eye bath – dilute 1 drop of SpectraMin to 30 drops water.


A homeopathic drainage remedy designed to assist the body in opening blockages within the drainage pathways so toxins can be excreted. Helps to improve the immune system by keeping the systems toned and opens the pathways so they work more efficiently.


A homeopathic remedy designed to help with any kind of inflammation.


A broad-spectrum homeopathic remedy for anxiety, grief, insomnia and other signs of acute emotional stress. Helps with stress by calming and cooling the nervous system. Helps with insomnia by relaxing over-thinking and the nervous system.


Has been widely researched and documented for its naturally occurring antioxidants and supportive effects on normal cardiovascular health, energy levels, gums, wrinkles and other signs of aging. CoQ10 helps to oxygenate the body at a cellular level. Absorbs into the body immediately. CoQ10 is an energy producing enzyme naturally present in the body that diminishes with age.

These products are not available online. Please call 01462 893586 for further information and to order.

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