NUTRITION and stress

Good nutrition is an important stress fighting tool and when we are poorly nourished, the effects of stress become even more pronounced.  Nutrients such as Vitamin C, Magnesium and Zinc can often become depleted during times of stress and suppress the immune system.


Key dietary and lifestyle recommendations are as follows:


·        Ensure adequate intake of Vitamin C by eating plenty of fruit and vegetables

·        Eat Magnesium rich foods such as nuts, seeds and dark green leafy vegetables

·        Ensure adequate Zinc from: seeds (pumpkin), nuts (pecan), cereals, rich, oats, lentils and eggs

·        Control food allergies which add extra stress to the body

·        Eat regular planned meals in a relaxed environment

·        Try yoga classes or breathing and relaxation techniques

·        Take time out to recuperate from exhaustion

·        Take regular exercise such as brisk walking, swimming, cycling or jogging




·        Caffeine

·        Alcohol

·        Sweet fizzy drinks

·        Refined carbohydrates


Dawn Green

Wyndham Health