What is Back Pain?

Back pain is a huge problem all over the world affecting both men and women alike, and strikes every type of worker, from truck drivers and laborer’s, to executives and homemakers, browse this site to get professional help to treat this problem. Although back pain is common, when you are the one who has it, it … Read more

Is Lack of Sleep Making You Fat?

Is Lack of Sleep Making You Fat? (ideas from the desk of Pete Williams, a functional medicine practitioner) For health, the importance of sleep cannot be overstated, Jeff Bland quoted sleep as “by far the most important anti-oxidant” and that’s not all, as new research shows sleep restriction profoundly affects metabolic pathways quickly leading to … Read more

HYPNOTHERAPY and pain control

Pain is a signal – a neurological event that must be noticed and interpreted cognitively, and possibly acted upon, before it turns into suffering.  It may be a meaningful signal, or it may have little or no value at all.  It would clearly be inappropriate to ignore or eliminate a meaningful pain signal that requires … Read more


Breath Out In A Sigh Of Relief   In these busy, hectic times, we can easily feel out of control and stressed as a result.  One of the things we do have total control over in life is our breathing (although for some people it may not always feel that way).   When you breathe … Read more

NUTRITION and stress

Good nutrition is an important stress fighting tool and when we are poorly nourished, the effects of stress become even more pronounced.  Nutrients such as Vitamin C, Magnesium and Zinc can often become depleted during times of stress and suppress the immune system.   Key dietary and lifestyle recommendations are as follows:   ·        Ensure … Read more

BACK MASSAGE for stress

As many of us are aware the lifestyles that we live tend to keep us on edge or stressed almost the entire day.  To decompress, or de-stress, from this hectic pace there are dissimilar methods that can be used.  Since our backs tend to take most of this feverish lifestyle demands, having a back massage … Read more

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