A vital missing nutrient linked to cancer and other symptoms

According to Dr Al Sears MD in America, many of us are deficient in iodine, and it is so important for many processes of the body.

Mainstream medicine regularly ignores iodine. You’ll probably only hear about it if you have thyroid problems. But iodine is an essential mineral. It’s responsible for the production of every hormone in your body, not just the thyroid.

Iodine has anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-viral, and anti-cancer properties. Without it, you are at risk of cancer of the breast, prostate, ovaries, thyroid, and uterus.

The chances are that you’re not getting enough. In Dr. David Brownstein’s book Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It, he found that 96% of the patients he treats are deficient.

His patients are in the U.S, but it is equally so in the UK. In addition to raising your risk of certain cancers, iodine deficiency can lead to mental retardation, ADHD, infertility, thyroid problems, and goitres.

The good news is it’s easy to get more iodine. The best thing you can do is start by adding foods rich in this key mineral to your diet. One note of caution, though. Don’t start using iodized table salt. It may have a high amount of iodine, but it’s full of chemicals.

Your best natural sources of iodine are:
Seaweed, clams, shrimps, haddock, oysters, salmon, sardines, pineapple, eggs and dairy foods.

These foods can easily be added to your menu.

You can also take a supplements and it is recommended that we take 150 mcg of iodine daily. Or, you can look for a multivitamin that has iodine in it.

So think about it, do you have any of these symptoms?

Tiredness, a sluggish digestive system, cold hands and feet, headaches, achey tight muscles, difficulty losing weight and putting on weight easily. Any of these could be due to a low iodine intake.

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