Does Inflammation Cause Disease?

Inflammation is a vital part of the body’s immune response, it is the body’s attempt to heal itself after an injury, to defend itself against foreign invaders, such as viruses and bacteria, and to repair damaged tissue. When you injure your body, biochemical processes release proteins called cytokines. These act as emergency signals to bring … Read more

What is Back Pain?

Back pain is a huge problem all over the world affecting both men and women alike, and strikes every type of worker, from truck drivers and laborer’s, to executives and homemakers, browse this site to get professional help to treat this problem. Although back pain is common, when you are the one who has it, it … Read more

What is Neck Pain?

Neck pain is a very common condition and most people will suffer pain in their neck at some point in their life. According to a Chronic Neck Pain Care service, neck pain can range from a mild discomfort to a more severe pain and be due to a sudden acute onset or be more of … Read more

5 Early Signs of Heart Disease

Unfortunately the first sign of a heart attack, is usually a heart attack, you get very little warning! Well, that’s what we have always thought, but in fact the good news is that research has uncovered a few symptoms that, on the surface, seem unrelated to the heart and are often considered insignificant by many … Read more

Tennis Elbow

Tennis is a great game to watch and even better to play. Whether you are a serious player or someone who just likes to have a knock around more socially, it can lead to problems that if not caught early, can lead to significant lay off through injury. Here, we will outline a couple of … Read more

The Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

• Increased thirst • Going to the loo (for a wee) all the time – especially at night • Extreme tiredness • Weight loss • Blurred vision • Genital itching or regular episodes of thrush • Slow healing of wounds In Type 1 diabetes the signs and symptoms will usually be very obvious, developing quickly, usually over a few weeks.  In people … Read more

Stop acid overload and you may not get sick again

Your body is made up of about 70 percent water. Every one of your 100 trillion cells is filled with water. And every other chemical in your body, from the stomach acid you need to digest food, to the blood that carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells of all your organs, either contain water … Read more

Women have Different Heart Attacks

If you or someone you love was having a heart attack, would you be able to recognize the symptoms? According to Dr. Al Sears MD, you may be surprised to learn there’s more to a heart attack than chest pain. Especially in women. In fact, many women never realize they’re having a heart attack, until … Read more

More Help for Migraine sufferers

I spoke last time about 3 nutrients that help to relieve headaches, well here is the result of another study saying that daily supplements of vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid were found to reduce the frequency, severity and disability of migraine headaches twofold. The study conducted by researchers at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia … Read more

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