Keep Free of Flu and Viruses this Winter

Vitamin BWe are told that there are a lot of coughs, colds, flu and viruses ‘going around’ at the moment and everyone is clambering to have the flu vaccine, although there is little guarantee that it will work! At this time of the year there are 100 different strains of colds and flu, and I for one certainly don’t want some dangerous vaccine injected into my body that hasn’t been properly tested!

Your body is a remarkable piece of machinery and lying dormant in the cells of your body, you already have a type of immunity so powerful that it makes vaccination look like a backward science!

You have two types of immunity:

First line defence is natural, inborn, innate, immunity. And it should be your front line against all attacks.

Second line defence is aquired immunity. You get it only after your body has adapted to a specific threat and acquired antibodies against it. It means your body remembers a previous attacker and is ready if it visits again.

It is here that scientists have concentrated their efforts with vaccinations, stimulating aquired immunity. However the pathogens are mutating all the time so your antibodies from the vaccination are useless, and a new variant would infect you regardless of having had the vaccination.

Acquired immunity, infact, only accounts for just 1% of all infectious intruders!

But, a new discovery by scientists at Yale University makes having a healthy innate immune system even more important.

The importance of cutting off ‘disease pathways’ before they get established.

They have found that the more stress your body is under, the more prone you are to infection from colds, flu, bacteria and other pathogens.

And the more infections you get, the more stress and inflammation it causes your body. It’s a vicious circle.

But, how do you break this cycle?

There are substances called Beta 1-3, 1-6 glucans which are found naturally in some bacteria, yeast and other funguses. Some bacteria and funguses are helpful and some are harmful, but whatever they are, your system is looking for these markers to activate your innate immunity, so that when a real threat came along it was ready to fight. Unfortunately, nowadays beta 1-3, 1-6 glucans are refined and processed to death, and chemically destroyed by intensive farming.

Your natural immune system has a 3 pronged attack, and the three components are neutrophils, macrophages, and natural killer (NK) cells.

1. Neutrophils are the most abundant type of innate immune cell in your body.

Not only do they overwhelm attackers by their sheer numbers, they have another special role. They hunt down bacteria deep into your tissues, and strike at them wherever they hide. However, to kill a pathogen a neutrophil must first be “primed” by a beta 1-3, 1-6 glucan.

Not only do they prime your neutrophils, the beta glucans also stimulate the production of more.

2. Macrophages guard the walls of your intestines stopping foreign substances from infecting your blood.

They also trigger a chain of events all over your body, and work throughout your entire immune system.

If a disease causing microbe breaches your intestines, a macrophage literally gobbles it up, digests it rendering it harmless and then serves a small piece of it up to your acquired immune system, so it can make antibodies against future attacks.

Beta 1-3, 1-6 glucans also activate your macrophages and stimulate your system to make more.

3. Natural Killer (NK) cells just need a command from the macrophages to start killing!

However, nowadays, because your diet is devoid of beta 1-3, 1-6 glucans, your macrophages reel like punch drunk boxers, only just able to raise their guard, your neutrophils wander aimlessly, while many viruses, pathogens and antigens do their worst, and your NK cells wait for a signal that may never arrive!

Is it any wonder that there are so many people suffering with flu, colds and viruses?

Beta glucans protect and serve.

Beta 1-3, 1-6 glucans are refined from simple brewers yeast, and have a long history of research since the 1940s. Don’t worry if you are concerned about candida, or yeast overgrowth, these glucans are not yeast! Yeast is merely their source, and in fact they are antifungal in your body.

Beta glucans do much more than just serve to activate your immune system. They also protect it because they are powerful antioxidants.

Beta glucans are antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, and antioxidants.

Beta Glucans can strengthen your immune system no matter how weak!

So good health is a by-product of a strong natural immune system, and beta glucans give you vigorous immunity by killing abnormal cells, balancing blood sugar, boosting bone marrow, supporting heart health, and through their all round anti-infective power.

Our Green Vibrance not only has the Beta 1-3, 1-6 Glucans but has a wide range of anti-oxidant herbs, enzymes, and probiotics to support the whole body. It helps to build healthy cells leading to more energy, better immunity, a slowing down of the ageing process and reducing the chances of degenerative disease. It supports intestinal and liver health.

Healthy cells mean elimination of pain and inflammation and proper balance of blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

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