5 Pillars of Life

Isn’t it true that chronic health disease is increasing and stress related illness is rife?  So much more than 40 years ago and yet we have state of the art medicine!  This is partly due to the non-absorption of nutrients from vitamin and mineral products, and partly to the purity of the products we eat. … Read more

4 Foods for Strong Bones

In my opinion it is vital to take vitamin and mineral supplements because we do not get enough from our food due to the way it is grown and processed these days. However it is also important to eat good wholesome foods, nothing processed and especially fresh fruits and vegetables. The vitamins and minerals that … Read more

The Myth about Blood Pressure and Salt

Most people with high blood pressure have been told to avoid salt, it is advice that we hear from doctors, magazines, family and friends alike. However it is not quite true, what you should avoid is ‘table salt’ because it is an unnatural, synthetic sodium chloride. Standard table salt loses all its essential qualities during … Read more

THe Hidden Dangers of Sunscreens!

Hurray, the sun is out! This is great news for our general wellbeing, we all smile more in the sunshine because it gives us our Vitamin D3, so it is important to get out there and soak up some of the sunshine. Of-course you have to be careful not to burn, so be aware of … Read more

Is Salt Really That Bad For You?

For so long we have been told that salt is bad for us and especially for our heart, and that we should be cutting it out of our diet. More recently there has been a study linking salt with Multiple Sclerosis! Well this is completely absurd, salt, in moderation, is good for you, but it … Read more

What’s in Spinach?

Spinach makes you strong, or so we are told by Popeye. Is he right? Well, it is certainly full of great nutrition and it is a very alkaline food. It contains carotenoids, vitamins A, B, C, E and K, folate, calcium, magnesium iron and glycoglycerolipids. Calcium and magnesium will keep your bones strong and healthy, … Read more

Why Take Nutrients?

We know that 44% of the population in the UK take supplements. We know that only 1 person in 100 in the EU and 3 people in 100 in the UK have all the nutrients they need for optimum health.  Why is this? One reason is the quality of our food and another reason is … Read more

Weight Loss Helped by Better Blood Sugar

Christmas is now behind us and the struggle to lose all those extra pounds from the seasonal celebrations has now begun. Well it’s all about insulin and how much your body makes. Starchy foods which are high glycaemic, like bread and potatoes, will send your blood sugar through the roof, triggering waves of fat-producing insulin. … Read more

Proof that you don’t get all your nutrition from foods

Melanie Segala, managing editor of Total Health Breakthroughs, has written: Vitamin Takers Live Longer. ‘Scientists have now proved what those of us into “alternative” medicine have known for years — taking multivitamins will help you live longer. And according to their research, it may be up to 5% longer than people that don’t take them.1 … Read more


Stress, as we know, lowers the immune system and it is often the time when we develop food sensitivities because our bodies cannot cope. It is possible that we all have food sensitivities but it is only once they are triggered that they start to cause a problem.   Having been working with food sensitivities … Read more

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