Cancer, what’s it about?

Now that one in three people develop cancer it is vital that we realise that the 21st Century environment and lifestyle could be responsible, and make the necessary changes.

The four main causes of chronic disease are:

  • Poisons
  • Radiation
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals
  • Fears and emotions


These are chemicals in our food, the air, our water supply and our cosmetics. The cleaning products for our house are full of chemicals, there are hormones in our food and water, and we have mercury fillings in our teeth (see Spring 2003 feature: Toxic Toiletries).


Some food is irradiated before we buy it and for convenience we use microwaves. Our society is computer based and we spend hours on our mobile phones. Every room in the house has a television, an electric clock or a radio while electricity cables criss-cross the country. (Tachyon can block radiation:

Lack of vitamins and minerals

The food we eat does not give us the vitamins and minerals we need due to modern farming techniques, transport, storage and an artificially extended shelf life. In 1948 a bowl of spinach would have given us 150mg of iron the same bowl today will give us 2mg! That is our petrol, no wonder our bodies are struggling to survive (see feature pg8&9).

Fears and emotions

Fears, emotions and stress, play an enormous part in our physical wellbeing. The mind is very powerful and in a situation like cancer it is vital to de-stress. There are many techniques which can help you get to the cause of the problem. Often we don’t realise that an incident during our childhood or teenage years could be the root of our ill health much later on.

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