9 Hayfever Beating Supplements

For many of us, the end of spring is a beautiful time of year but not for everyone – unfortunately, this is the season that can be a very uncomfortable time for Hayfever sufferers.

Hayfever affects 2-3 million people in this country every year, and the statistics are growing; an allergy to mould spores from trees and various pollens are the usual causes.

The following remedies are appropriate for the symptoms listed, please note, as your symptoms change so should the remedy. The remedies are available in a 6c potency (strength) taken three times a day while the symptoms persist.

You can order the remedies stated above from us, just drop us a line.

Take EUPHRASIA if your symptoms are worse when indoors, you cough up phlegm, and your eyes are swollen with a burning thick discharge. Please note that Euphrasia tincture can be used as an eye bath (put one drop in an eyebath of water, never put the tincture directly into your eye)

Take ALLIUM if your symptoms are worse from being indoors, if the light hurts your eyes, it there’s a discharge from your eyes and a burning discharge from your nose. Warm food and drink aggravate your throat. Symptoms include violent sneezing which are often worse in the morning.

Take AMBROSIA if the key feature of your symptoms is intolerable itching of the eyelids (which smart and burn). There may also be congestion of the head and nose and sneezing with a watery discharge.

Take GEMSEMIUM if you’re listless, with dizziness or shaking, if you’re eyes are heavy and watering, and if you experience non-stop sneezing.

Take ARUNDO if you’re sneezing, if you have a tickle in your nose, and if the roof of your mouth and ears are itchy.

Take SABADILLA if there is a hypersensitivity of smell, desires warm drinks, violent sneezing. Symptoms are often better for the open air.

Take SANGUINARIA if you have dry, congested nasal membranes, a burning sensation in the nose and throat and a sensitivity to smell especially flowers. You can also check this out to help with your nasal congestion.

Take RANUNCULUS if you have smarting eyes and burning lips, a sensation of tingling and crawling inside the nose and or throat, you may have a stuffed up nose which can be worse in the evenings.

Take WYETHIA if the predominant symptom of your hayfever is itching, and the symptoms tend to be worse on the right side.

Hayfever is a deep-seated condition, which requires constitutional treatment from a qualified homeopath as the remedies above will just manage the symptoms. Orthodox medical treatment can manage the condition with powerful drugs that have a number of harmful side effects but constitutional homeopathic treatment over two or three seasons may cure the condition completely.

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