Thyroid concentrate

Bovine derived glandular concentrate comes from the organs of cattle (cow).  They are freeze-dried before being manufactured into supplement form.  All bovine glandulars found in Nutri products are sourced from New Zealand, which is recognised worldwide as a country that is free from BSE, enabling consumers to have the highest level of confidence in the safety of bovine-derived material from the region.

The animals are not raised specifically to obtain glands or tissue structures.  The primary industry in New Zealand is for meat production, so the glandular collections come as a by-product from that main stream.

The New Zealand glandular source meets the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation standards of organic.  To meet these standards, beef must be fed no bone meal and must be 100% organically fed. New Zealand cows are fed on pesticide-free pastures and are never given hormones or antibiotics.  To keep its livestock pure, the country has never allowed any importation of livestock or used meat and bone meal feed for decades.  These products come with a BSE-free certification from the New Zealand Minister of Agriculture.

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