Prevent Back Pain – In The Home

DON’T put your back out putting your back into cleaning and DIY

DO stand on a stable chair or ladder, rather than stretch too far when painting the ceiling, dusting etc

DO squat or kneel to dust skirting boards or reach low shelves

DO push the vacuum cleaner to front of you rather than swing it from side to side

DO get help if your are lifting a heavy piece of furniture or a mattress; don’t attempt it by yourself

DO use as little water as possible when filling a bucket so that carrying it is earlier

DO adjust the height of the ironing board and try to do the same with the washing-up bowl by placing an upturned bowl underneath; don’t stand with a bent back

DO raise one foot on a stool if your task means standing for a long period

DO bend your knees when picking up a baby

DO rest every so often when doing a long job; change position and stretch your back.  Better still, change tasks every so often

Wyndham Health