There are many types of pain and it is a part of everyday life. Homeopathy can be helpful in reducing and coping with pain. The most common type of pain is caused by trauma and injury. Homeopathy can be very useful in cases of first aid as well as for wound care and treatment, and the following three remedies are some of the most well known and most often used at home.


Arnica – Leopards Bane.  It is a first remedy to think of when you have been through a trauma or shock. Any kind of bruising, muscular strains and overexertion. Also when recovering from an operation.  In sever trauma take a dose of arnica 30C every 15 minutes for the first hour or two, then once or twice daily. If the injury happened in the past use 200C or 1M once per week for 4 weeks.


Hypericum – St. John’s Wort.  Is an excellent remedy if there are injuries to nerves or nerve-rich tissues. Neuralgia after injury, wounds, cuts, surgery and dental work. Injuries to the head, spine, tips of fingers and toes. Shooting pains from injury. Take Hypericum 30C once to twice daily. If the injury happened in the past use 200C or 1M strength once per week for 4 weeks.


Symphytum Comfrey.  Where there is pain from injury to bones and bone lining, it speeds up the healing of bone fractures and helps when fractures are slow to heal. Useful when there is blow to the eyeball or socket, to the scull or face.  Take 6C or 12C daily for 4 weeks to help bone healing.


There are many other remedies that are helpful for other types of pain, but in cases other then first aid it is always advisable to seek advice from a qualified homeopath. 


Jurek Dabrowski

Wyndham Health