Do You Suffer From Restless Leg Syndrome?

Do you suffer with restless legs syndrome? Are you taking a pharmaceutical drug for it? Well the real cause of it is often a simple mineral deficiency!

I’d first like to explain why you should avoid, if at all possible, the popular prescription drugs that are being marketed to treat restless legs syndrome (RLS).

The main drugs prescribed are tranquilizers, sleeping aids and pain relievers, substances that are highly addictive and are only masking the true problem.
The worst one is Requip (ropinirole) which plays with your brain chemistry the same way that drugs for Parkinson’s disease and ADHD do, by increasing or decreasing your production of dopamine (which regulates most of your bodily functions). One of the main side effects of this drug is hallucinations!

However the most common cause of RLS is a simple deficiency of the mineral, magnesium, in the muscle cells.

Magnesium is the key component that allows cells to absorb other minerals like calcium, iron and potassium that are needed by your muscle cells. Magnesium also allows your muscles to relax and even combats insomnia, so it is the easiest solution for RLS.

One hundred years ago the average person consumed 500 mg of magnesium a day through their diet. Thanks to modern soil depletion, the average person is lucky to get 150 mg through food alone. Unless you’re juicing bunches of green vegetables each day, supplementation is the best alternative.

One of the best ways of taking magnesium is in a powder form and I would recommend Ultra Muscleze a pleasant tasting easily digested powder to help regulate muscle and nerve function.

You can’t overdose on magnesium (unless you have kidney failure problems) so take as much as feel is good for you, however it may have a slight laxative effect.

It is also important to get plenty of exercise, and you are then much less likely to suffer with RSL.

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