Footcare – Really Really Important !

Congratulations on entering for the Baldock Half-Marathon!

Forward planning is vital to prepare your feet for a marathon so here are details of those recommendations in order to be pro-active regarding footcare for the event.

‘Fixing Your Feet’ is a book from Wilderness Press which contains vast amounts of extremely good advice – often written directly by Runners, Hikers and Athletes themselves. This is an ideal reference tool to increase your chances of success in any demanding event such as this Half-Marathon.

CCS Cream is a moisturising cream is essential to condition your feet for the event. A supple skin is better able to cope with exertions from exercise and footwear – so this cream, available from Boots, Lloyds, Superdrug and good Chemists, is an excellent way to take preventative measures to help your skin.

Practical Footcare. At The Wyndham Centre we have a specific Chiropody Surgery running on Tuesdays and Fridays in Baldock, Hertfordshire. We are able to improve many problems on the feet, and recommend actions to ensure comfort for as long as possible. Should you feel pre/post Half Marathon attention for your feet is appropriate – Toenail trimming/management or Corn/Callus removal – then do contact The Wyndham Centre on 01462 893586.

Have a Great Baldock Half-Marathon Take Care of Your Feet – they are going to be doing a Lot of Work!

Wyndham Health