Who does Chiropody help?

Those with:-

  • in-growing toe nails
  • athlete’s foot
  • corns
  • calloused skin
  • thickened, damaged nails
  • verrucae
  • sore and painful feet
  • advice and care for arthritic and diabetic feet

What is Chiropody?

The strong, flexible and functional design of the feet enables them to do their job without complaint – if you take care of them. Persistent aches and pains are not normal.

We offer a full range of treatments which will keep your feet in a comfortable and healthy condition.

How does Chiropody work?

During the routine appointment we will assess the condition of your feet and inform you of the main causes of your problem and plan what can be done to help you. Many problems are on-going and regular visits may be needed. We not only look short term at your feet, and carry out the treatment, but we also look long term by suggesting methods of relieving any problems – remember prevention is better than cure!

We may suggest a foot care cream to help with dry and cracked skin, or to assist with callous (hard skin) and corns. A range of products to help with many foot complaints are stocked.

During our assessment should we feel it necessary we may suggest you see your doctor or other specialist.

How much does it cost?

Per 30 minute session – £42
Please note: Chiropody is only available in Baldock, Hertfordshire

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