Easy Ways to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease

Our biggest killer in this country for men and women is still cardiovascular disease, and yet it doesn’t have to happen! You can reverse cardiovascular disease with a healthy lifestyle and a nutritious diet.

In 2005 Dr Colin Campbell and his colleagues published a book ‘The China Study’, detailing their 40 year research on thousands of people living in rural China comparing their healthy diet to the unhealthy American diet. On average the Chinese ate 3 times more fibre, less than half the fat and only 10% of the animal protein of the American diet. Their total cholesterol was significantly lower, and even more important their death rate from heart disease was 16.7 times less for Chinese men and 5.6 times less for Chinese women.

Dr Campbell concluded that 97% of the causes of cardiovascular disease are preventable through a healthy lifestyle, eating green vegetables, especially uncooked, fruits, seeds, nuts and legumes.

So the better the foods you eat the better your health will be!

In 1999 the results of Dr. Ornish’s Lifestyle Heart Trial were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), and it showed that after just one year of intensive lifestyle changes, including a nutritious diet, aerobic exercise and stress management, there were staggering improvements.

Over 5 years the treatment group reduced their heart disease by almost 8% whilst the control group had a worsening of heart disease by almost 30%. The treatment group had half the cardiac events of the control group.

So can you do this at home? Of course you can. Start eating more fresh raw fruits and vegetables and cut out all processed foods. Start exercising regularly and meditation is the best form of stress management.

There are also some great supplements to take to protect your heart:

COQ10 – ignites the formation of ATP in the cell’s mitochondria and therefore gives all the cells energy.
Alpha-Lipoic Acid – a powerful antioxidant that boosts your glutathione
L-Carnitine – also produces energy
Quercetin – lowers bad cholesterol
Ginko Biloba – increases blood flow and offers anti-ageing benefits
Garlic – helps fight free radicals, remove deadly plaque, reduce blood clotting, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.
L-Arginine – can dramatically lower cholesterol and improve blood pressure
Magnesium and Calcium – work together to improve heart function and lower blood pressure

Come and get a health check from me, so that you have comparisons to make and advice on what is best for you. Every individual is different.

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