Dry and Cracked Skin

Warmer weather often brings a change to our skin due to footware or, in many cases, a fungal infection.

A scooped heel cup with raised edges in shoes often stimulates a drier skin to develop a callous on the heels which thickens and cracks, causing soreness and even infection.  Diabetic skin is particularly vulnerable when it cracks as healing can take time or lead to further complications.

A dry skin caused by a fungal infection is not resolved by applying a moisturiser – indeed the moisturising cream can make the problem worse.  Such infections can also spread to the nails and other parts of the body such as the scalp and the groin.

Dry cracking heels benefit from reduction and maintenance from a Chiropodist.  Correct diagnosis of an infection allows management and eradication steps to be taken.

Bring your dry, cracked feet to be attended at The Wyndham Centre and you will walk in comfort again!

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