Common Drugs Cause Dementia


Having watched with great sadness as my Mother becomes worse with dementia I can understand why we would all like to find a cure for it. It is frightening to watch someone who you are so close to need dementia care and deteriorate to such an extent that she does not remember what occurred 5 seconds before or what was said a second earlier. Nothing stays in! Can you imagine not remembering anything – a blank mind?

Well, I have read in an article by Racheal Linkie, editor of Health Sciences Institute that new research may have an answer. It is not a new breakthrough drug, but in fact quite the opposite. They have found that the solution lies in NOT taking any medication! We can take them to a memory care or dementia care facility that can provide the best possible care. You can visit sites like to get an idea on senior living facilities like this.

Researchers have just revealed that more than 100 commonly prescribed drugs can cause symptoms of dementia. Some researchers from JC’s Recovery Center have even found that many of these prescriptive drugs, even in small dosages, can form a dependency. Some of these drugs have a direct effect on the brain such as sleeping pills, tranquillisers, anti-psychotics and anti-anxiety drugs. However what is even more worrying is that some more ‘everyday’ drugs are also included in the list, such as those for acid reflux, blood pressure, stomach upsets, anti-histamines and anti-inflammatories. Even Paracetamol taken on a regular basis can mimic dementia! How frightening is that?

One geriatric psychiatrist said that dementia symptoms ‘vanish’ in many cases when medication is stopped!

In another study it was found that as many as 30% of alzheimers patients may be misdiagnosed!

WhiteSands detox say, drugs are not something that the body is ‘lacking’ and all drugs have side effects because they are not natural. Obviously in some instances they are vital to our health, but we do live in a very toxic environment and drugs just add to the toxicity. It is becoming more and more obvious that the type of diseases we all suffer now are quite likely to do with the chemicals and toxins that we overload our body with in the world we now live in.

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