• Prevent Back Pain – At Play

    Most people aren’t Olympic athletes and their bodies aren’t able to play sports at a ferocious pace. Whatever your sport or game, follow these tips. DO warm up before any sport DO wear good footwear and appropriate clothing DO stop if you are injured DO cry off if you have a cold or feel ill […]

  • Prevent Back Pain – In The Garden

    DO some gentle stretching before you start gardening DO bend your knees, not your back, when digging and weeding DO use a kneeler and other equipment designed to prevent back strain DO keep close to the tree or shrub you are pulling out and don’t jerk things out suddenly DO keep your tool-shed tidy; it […]

  • Prevent Back Pain – At Work

    Although not everything that happens at work is in your control, you can ensure that your immediate working environment is safe for your back. DO some simple stretching exercises every so often DO sit up straight with a cushion in the small of your back DO keep your elbows at right angles when using a […]

  • Prevent Back Pain – In The Home

    DON’T put your back out putting your back into cleaning and DIY DO stand on a stable chair or ladder, rather than stretch too far when painting the ceiling, dusting etc DO squat or kneel to dust skirting boards or reach low shelves DO push the vacuum cleaner to front of you rather than swing […]

  • Looking After Your Back

    Most back pain can be avoided if you: Maintain good posture – the way you stand, sit work and sleep Watch your weight – being overweight for your height and sex can add extra stress to your spine Keep fit and active – strong back and stomach muscles help support your spine Consider your everyday […]


    Lifting, bending, slouching and even sneezing can cause pain. Whether it is a sudden pain that seems to cripple you like sciatica, immobilise you like migraine, nag and sap your energy like a frozen shoulder or facial pain, or is one that is constant like arthritis, the physiotherapists at The Wyndham Centres are trained to […]

  • Tennis Elbow

    Summer tends to encourage us all to hit the sun drenched tennis courts. Unfortunately, it also means that it’s the time of year for tennis related injuries. One of the most common is tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), a pain on the outside of the elbow, which can radiate down into the forearm. This involves a […]

  • What’s Causing Your Knee Pain?

    Do you have knee pain and are not sure of where it might be coming from? Well here are some little pointers that might give you a clue as to what might be causing the problem. Trauma Fracture – if there has been trauma and you are having significant pain with all movements, then ruling […]

  • Foods for Pain and Inflammation

    Here is a great article about how foods can play a huge part in pain and inflammation. My own experience will vouch for this and it is well worth taking these foods out of your diet if you are suffering. Dr Wiley is American so talks about the American diet but it is the same […]


    What can I expect from physiotherapy at The Wyndham Centre? Flexible appointment times. A thorough individual assessment from a fully qualified Chartered Physiotherapist using a wide range of skills to identify the underlying problem, including manipulation, mobilisation, massage, acupuncture, stretching, posture correction, core stability and exercise. Based on the findings, we formulate a personalised treatment […]

  • A breakthrough in support for tendons ligaments and cartilage

    A breakthrough in support for tendons ligaments and cartilage.  Recent research and development in the United States has led to a breakthrough in nutritional support for the health of connective tissue such as tendons, ligaments and cartilage.  This breakthrough may help injury recovery, tissue healing and a reduction in pain. Preliminary research suggests that a […]


    Treat yourself to a Healthy Spine It is a requirement by law (under the 1992 Health & Safety Regulation) that companies provide a work-station/ergonomic assessment for their employees. Our assessment is designed to increase awareness in how to use the workplace to prevent bad postural habits. The participant will learn a better understanding of themselves […]