It is a requirement by law (under the 1992 Health & Safety Regulation) that companies provide a work-station/ergonomic assessment for their employees.

[lead]Sarah Sunderland is a chartered and state registered Physiotherapist with a special interest in work related injuries and ergonomics. She is an IOSH (Institute of Occupational Safety & Health) recognised Work Station assessor with extensive experience in work place display screen equipment assessment.[/lead]

How It Works

Sarah is able to look and assess an employee’s Work Station and make changes where necessary. We are able to provide workplace health checks either individually or in small groups of up to ten people to advise them on their posture within the Work Station to prevent injury. The advantage of having a physiotherapist carry out a Work Station Assessment is the benefit of recognising habitual postural movement patterns, making the person aware of this and showing them ways of changing these postural dysfunctions. She can also provide them with an exercise programme to help them to continue to improve their posture on site. In addition if the client has an unrelated injury that may affect their performance at work Sarah can also provide injury advice to help them overcome this.


Our fee includes all costs and travel with a full detailed report on all findings with recommendations and advice as follows:

  • Individually 1 person £95
  • 2 or more £75 per person
  • over 10 people 5% discount
  • over 15 people 10% discount
  • over 20 people 15% discount
  • Groups of up to 10 £150 an hour


  • Obtaining an understanding of what the job entails and examining how a person sits, works and interacts whilst performing their job role.
  • A full risk assessment addressing how symptoms (if any) are aggravated with certain job tasks.
  • Making any necessary adjustments to work station furniture and equipment that can be made during the assessment, e.g. increasing the height of the chair, and/or moving the position of the telephone on the desk.
  • Providing postural recommendations and training, specific to individual Work Station set-up.
  • Provide a full and detailed report in line with government legislation.
  • Recommendation of appropriate, affordable furniture & accessories with trusted suppliers.


We can also provide spinal workshops in larger groups that are a more general look at the spine and posture, and we show how to avoid developing back and neck ache.

Work Station Assessments are only available from our Fleet Street centre

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