Prevent Back Pain – Lifting

More people injure their backs through lifting than any other cause.  Whether at home, in the garden or at work lifting can be dangerous if a few simple rules are ignored.

DO look at alternatives to lifting, use pulling or pushing techniques.

DO look at what you want to do before you start and get yourself in the right position.

DO bend your knees as far as you can and keep your back straight when lifting, but avoid deep knee bends.

DO keep the load close to your body.

DO stand as close to the object as possible with your feet apart.

DO spread the load if at all possible, move several small loads rather than one large one.

DO avoid lifting and twisting at the same time.

DO bend your knees rather than your back when putting a load down.

DO get help if lifting something that may be too heavy for you.

DON’T carry loads too far.  The further you go the heavier it gets.

Wyndham Health