Stress Management and Digestive Health

Stress and emotional turmoil are well-known for playing havoc with our digestive systems. LEARNING TO RELAX is an excellent way to keep our stress levels down and improve digestion. It is always a good idea to take a few minutes to relax, either by deep breathing or just sitting quietly before a meal and not rushing up from the table when you are finished eating.

Learning to eat mindfully will also help as full attention is given to the food we are putting in our mouths and how we are ingesting it. Are we chewing frantically or not at all? Are we taking the time to enjoy every mouthful?

When something is bothering us it will often affect our eating and sleeping habits. If we are nervous, we get “butterflies” in the stomach. If there’s something we dislike, we “can’t stomach it”. Changing the way we breath and the way we think, can have very positive effects on our well-being generally and, in particular, settling our stomachs and encouraging digestive health.

To learn more about managing stress, working with strong emotions or learning to relax, come along to one of my workshops or pick up a copy of my book “Simple Solutions to Stress” in stock at The Wyndham Centre. All workshops run in small groups or one to one training/coaching sessions.

Workshops / Coaching Sessions:

• Improving your Well-being – by learning to manage stress
• Working with Strong Emotions – get control over your emotions
• Learning to Relax – strategies to improve your quality of life
• Shifting Perspectives – learn to see yourself and life with more positivity

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