The Alternative Weight Loss Programme

The Alternative Weight Loss Programme is not just a diet but a way of life, a change of lifestyle that requires effort and hardwork.

Like some of the other weight loss programs, it is designed especially and uniquely for you not only to lose those extra kilos, but also to improve your metabolism and to gain optimum health. To get the most of it and some other benefits we recommend you to also use the best fat burner you can find at the link.

I will start by checking your general health a simple review of biotox gold supplement will tell you an easier alternative to look the best weight, take your measurements, your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. I will test the age of your arteries and check your urine. I will also check into some colostomy products.

From a dietary point of view I will test you for food sensitivities and suggest that you take those foods out of your diet. I will recommend making your body as alkaline as possible, keeping your body hydrated and your blood sugar as even as possible.

Why alkaline?

Your body is supposed to be alkaline and it constantly works to keep you that way, because as long as you are alkaline, fungus, bacteria and viruses cannot survive. However, our modern diet is very acidic and excess acids in the body start to break down cells in your tissues and organs which sends the body into self preservation mode to use dietary and body fat to protect itself.

Too much acid robs the blood of oxygen, which slows down the metabolism. Food then digests more slowly inducing weight gain and sluggishness. The food ferments creating yeast, fungus and mould throughout the body that will overgrow in an acidic body. Whilst your body is acidic the fat is actually saving your life!

All Western diets are acid forming and will eventually help you gain unwanted weight as the body desperately protects itself from acidity by piling on the fat. Research concludes that following the high protein diets for any length of time can put you at an increased risk of heart disease and heart attack, kidney disease and kidney stones, diabetes, certain types of cancer, gout and osteoporosis.

What we can do to eliminate the acids we take into our body is consume lots of alkaline food and drink to enable our body to buffer the acids.

Why water?

Water is an essential component of your diet. If you don’t get enough water you will get fat! Even mild dehydration slows metabolism by as much as 3%, and we often interpret our bodies’ thirst signals as hunger pangs, and eat more.

If you don’t get enough water you will actually retain it and feel bloated and uncomfortable because an acid body pulls water into the tissues to try and neutralize the acids there. Without enough water your body becomes too acidic and goes into preservation – fat-storing mode.

Water helps process just about every biological, mechanical and chemical action that takes place in your body. It cushions and protects vital organs, transports nutrients within each cell and dispels acid wastes. It keeps your skin soft and supple, increases oxygen in the blood and maintains normal electrical properties of the cells improving cell-to-cell communication.

It is important to have alkaline water and a good water filter is vital to remove impurities. To make water alkaline and energise it, add a liquid mineral supplement to a large glass of water.

It is important to drink lots of water, if your read Dr Young’s work, he recommends 1 litre per 30 lbs of body weight! So a 9 stone person should be drinking 4.2 litres of water!

Why an even sugar balance?

Sugar balance can play a big part in weight gain. If your blood sugar goes up your body produces insulin and whilst you have insulin in your blood you store fat, especially around the midriff!

Now, here we are not talking just about added sugar, but also high glycaemic index foods. Certain carbohydrates once digested will cause your sugar levels to go up quickly and this has the same effect as added sugar. Processed foods such as white flour, cakes and biscuits, and fast working carbohydrates such as potato, parsnips and crisps will all send your blood sugar sky high which inturn will make your body store fat.

So it is important to keep your blood sugar level and eat low glycaemic index foods every 3-4 hours.

With weight gain your blood pressure can go up and with certain diets your cholesterol goes up. Your new diet however, will help to reduce them and bring them back to optimum function.

In addition
The vega test also measures your body energies so that we can test your organs and digestive system to see where the weak spots are and if necessary give supplements including b12 shots to help improve their energies.

For your metabolism to work optimally Dr. Barry J. Klyde MD says you need a good energised endocrine system that includes your thyroid, adrenals, pancreas and hormones. I may recommend supplements that will help them.

You will be given a diary to keep all your details in and to record all the food and drink you take in every day, and also how you are feeling.

I will keep in touch regularly with emails and get you back for weighing and measuring regularly.

During your appointment I will also wrap you with the ItWorks ‘Ultimate Body Applicator’. This is a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically based formula that tightens, tones and firms the area it is applied to. It continuously hydrates for firmer, smoother, more youthful looking skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite and skin slackening.

You will see that even in 45 minutes you can lose inches but worn overnight will take off even more. If you are sensible with your diet and drink lots of water the results continue to work over 72 hours and stay off. However, one application is not enough and it is better to wrap yourself once every 72 hours to really see results. The best way of doing this is to become a ‘Loyal Customer’ to ItWorks and commit to 3 months of 4 or more applications each month so that the cost is considerably reduced.


Exercise is vital during a weight loss programme and it is important to do 20 minute of cardiovascular work at least 3 days a week. Brisk walking is good but I have also secured a discounted membership for ‘Curves’, a ladies gym in Hitchin at Suite 20, Intech House, Wilbury Way, SG4 0TP.

In some instances dieting can be quite stressful so hypnotherapy can be very helpful. I have a great hypnotherapist that can help you to move forward for a better, slimmer, healthier you!

For further information please go to: The Alternative Weight Loss Programme

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