Sophie Marriott

Sophie is a Nutrition Advisor, with a special interest in the area of Gut Health. Sophie loves learning the updated science about each of the individual Beneficial Bacteria strains in the gut, and uses her knowledge of these alongside her comprehensive digestive learning, to bring relief to clients experiencing gut related symptoms wherever possible.

Sophie also uses Kinesiology within her Nutrition sessions whenever she can, providing more opportunities to identify the root of symptoms, which may be outside of the digestive tract. Separate Kinesiology sessions also allow a wider scope of non-digestive symptoms to be considered and balanced, and Sophie offers this as an appointment option too.

Sophie’s interest in Nutrition and Holistic Therapies follows her own experience of overcoming health issues. Sophie believes that health and wellbeing can always be improved, no matter the starting place.

Alongside studying for her Nutrition Advisor qualification, Sophie spent a year shadowing The Wyndham Centre founder, Alison Wyndham.

You can find Sophie at The Wyndham Centre on Wednesday’s, with some Monday sessions also being available.

Sophie offers appointments for the following: Food Sensitivity Testing, Nutrition and Kinesiology and will often combine these therapies within one appointment if she feels it will be beneficial.

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