Sarah Sunderland

Sarah Sunderland, graduated from the Otago, New Zealand Physiotherapy School in 1991. Following graduation Sarah worked in both private and NHS outpatient Hospitals in New Zealand. Sarah arrived in London in 1994 and initially worked in the NHS for GP Fundholders. Soon after Sarah was involved in setting up an NHS multi-disciplinary low back pain clinic in Marylebone.

In 1999 Sarah moved to Perth, Western Australia and completed a one year Masters of Manipulation course at Curtin University.

The course promoted an advance standard of musculoskeletal physiotherapy practice through biomedical sciences knowledge, clinical and research skills development, and a broad appreciation of the concepts of evidence-based practice. This was achieved primarily through the development of advanced patient examination and treatment skills, advanced clinical communication skills and prescription of appropriate patient management.

Sarah returned to London in 2000 where she joined The Wyndham Centre in Blossoms Inn Medical Centre and is now based in Fleet Street.

Sarah has a very diagnostic approach to treatment, focusing on the dysfunction and treating this appropriately to prevent re-occurrence. She uses a hand on approach correcting the underlying movement dysfunction and biomechanics. She has a particular interest in necks and backs, workstation assessments (qualified Display Screen Assessor) and running techniques / sports injuries. Treatment involves correcting movement dysfunctions and using a wide range of techniques such as manipulation, soft tissue work, muscle re-education, pilates rehabilitation, dynamic sport specific rehabilitation and ergonomic advice.

Other interests include running, windsurfing, reading, skiing and three children.

Sarah is available for Physiotherapy appointments at our Fleet Street centre.

Patient Testimonials

1. “I have been receiving treatment from Sarah for around 9 months and have seen a massive improvement in my condition in that period. Sarah offers practical advice and tailored ways to manage my symptoms without disrupting my busy daily routine. Most importantly from my perspective, she is also warm, friendly and approachable, and put me at ease right from the outset. She picked up on a condition that my doctors had been unable to diagnose for several years and as a result has made a very tangible impact on my life.”

2. “Sarah has treated me over the last 2 years. Sarah gets to the problem fast, explains everything in simple terms and equips you with the right exercises. She is full of energy and good sense. I always feel I’m in the right hands and go away knowing I can help myself. It’s a pleasure to recommend her.”

3. “I am a 44yr super active alpha male – over the last twenty years my sporting activities have moved from rugby & 5 aside football to triathlon/ 1/2 IM /cyclo sportive. Hence I have used many physios over the years & I would safely say Sarah is right up there with the best if not the best. I was referred to see Sarah over trouble with my calves – and after a quick dialogue & video analysis the conclusion was my running technique was out of sync post my cruciate reconstruction twenty years ago. Hence we have been working on a structured programme to reprogramme my biomechanics – using my glutes vs my hamstrings. I am making steady progress but still wary I might be 50 years of age before the 3,000 repetitions are made!!! Sarah has constantly tweaked my rehab programme to keep me ticking over and I have noticed a huge improvement in my glute use. I recommend Sarah to any active alpha male seeking the most speedy & professional Physio sessions. We are all time sensitive, so why waste your time with others.”

4. “I have found Sarah to be an excellent physiotherapist with great patient soft skills. As well as providing immediate relief to my aches and pains, she has helped me develop a series of exercises to strengthen my core muscles and to help prevent injury repetition. I have found Sarah to be very pleasant and helpful and I am very grateful to her for the great improvement in my suppleness and all round quality of movement. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a physiotherapist.”

5. “My name is Annie Turner and I am a Pilates teacher working in the City and at a small clinic in Marylebone. I have known Sarah for several years now, following an introduction by a mutual client. Sarah refers clients to me and always takes the time to discuss particular issues that individual clients may need to address. We are also in regular contact in order to keep each other updated on progress clients are making and to discuss next steps. From time to time my Pilates clients ask me to recommend a physiotherapist and I have no hesitation in referring them to Sarah. Any of my clients who have visited Sarah have been extremely pleased and have described their treatment by Sarah in glowing terms.”

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